People have to go through many formalities after reaching Vietnam. All the formalities are very simple in comparison to other countries. In this article, we will discuss about these formalities.

Customs Regulations

After reaching Vietnam, people have to go through some formalities, which take only a few minutes. People have the limit of carrying following things

  • 400 cigarettes

  • Spirit of 1.5 liters

  • US currency up to $5000


The validity of the passport should be at least six months. People have to make arrangements for visa in advance and they can do so with the help of passport. At least two blank pages should be available on the passport for stamping.


There are many countries, which allow the foreigners to visit them if they have a valid visa. Some countries do not have such rules and people can enter without any visa. The maximum number of days that a person can stay in a foreign country is 30 days. People who belong to such countries that are exempted from visa can stay up to 15 days. Same is the rule for Vietnam also and people should have a Vietnam visa.

Types of visas

People need to have knowledge about the rules and regulations regarding the visa before they apply it. The must be aware of the latest regulation and should keep checking about the changes made in these rules. N order to stay in Vietnam, people need to have a visa or an approval letter from an agency. There are many countries that are exempted from visa.

Tourist visas in Vietnam are valid for 30 or 90 days. The tourist visa of 30 days has the cost of $20 and people can make entry into the country only once. The three months or 90 day visa is of multiple entries and its cost is $90.

Applying for visa

There are two ways, which people can follow to apply for visa. One is Vietnam visa on arrival, which is given by agents. Another way is through Vietnam embassy or consulate.

Vietnam visa on arrival

People give preference to Vietnam visa on arrival as the cost of this visa is cheap and it is delivered at a fast speed. Applicants need not send any documents through post. After the acceptance of the application form, people get approval letter in their email id, which they have to provide in the application form.

This letter can be used at any international airport of Vietnam. Applicants have to pay the agency’s fee during the form fill. The approval letter has to be shown at the airport and they have to pay stamping fee of $50. The stamping fee has to be paid in cash only. No debit or credit cards are accepted in this case.

Visa via embassy

People who want to visit Vietnam can get visa from the embassies and consulates. The fees is very high and it takes a lot of time to get the visa. 


E-visa program has been introduced in 2017 and people can apply for these visas online through Vietnam Immigration Department. Citizens of 40 countries are eligible for this visa. These visas are available for single entry only. The validity of this visa is only 30 days. The cost of this visa is $25 and they cannot be extended. The processing period of this visa is three to five days.

Wrapping up

These are the ways in which people can apply for visa and enter the country. The duration of stay can be 30 or 90 days and it depends on the type of visa. People can come to the country for sightseeing, studying, working, etc.


Published by Matthew Piggot