Fox has a lot of work to do, and Season Zero’s list of the nets exciting projects suggests some options to help the struggling network.

Not a whole lot has gone right for Fox this season, which is a shame.  People love to complain about the networks only offering the same old projects, but when shows like Pitch and The Exorcist don’t get much traction it doesn’t give the nets much incentive to go for something different.  There are a handful of new projects launching midseason, so things could change quickly for the network, but right now Season Zero says it’s time for Fox to clean house.

Fox already has the Firefly-esque show Orville going to series next season, and a number of other genre projects to choose from.  The Building is a parallel world story from Neil Gaiman, while Enhanced tells the story of a scientist torn between two billionaire brothers as she develops a technology that could change the world.  Enhanced will take place in two time periods set a decade apart from each other.

The network has two artificial intelligence shows to choose from.  Familiar tells the story of the family developing the robots, while Girl 10 follows a synthetic human facing murder charges while trying to prevent the AI technology from being weaponized. 

The Passage is an adaption of a book series about a plague that turns people into vampire-like creatures, while Fox also has a Marvel comics project about a family that goes on the run when their children begin to develop mutant powers.

These are the only obvious genre shows included in the exciting projects list but Fox also has a pitch about the DC comics character Black Lightning and a show called Red Moon, the story of a world where werewolves coexist with humans which follows a CIA agent who happens to be a werewolf in the wake of a terrorist attack.  This is based on a book which I know absolutely nothing about, but it was blurbed by Stephen King, for whatever that’s worth.  There is also the latest procedural with a genre twist, this one purporting to be a modern day version of the Camelot story.

Other projects include Control, the story of an unconnected group of people who receive an unorthodox treatment for their anxiety and find themselves caught in a secret test run by a mysterious group.  Controversy tells the story of an allegation of rape against a group of University football players.  There is also two dance-themed projects, titled The Cut and The Edge respectively.  High Wire tells the story of a young aerialist climbing up the ranks of a cirque.

The article also includes two legal shows amongst the exciting drama projects.  The Underlings is about a law firm where the hapless assistants rise up to right the wrongs of their evil bosses and clients, while there is also an untitled project about civil rights lawyers who take on high profile cases while dealing with sex, drugs, and other vices.

So what should the network pick up to revitalize its fortunes?   Perhaps they’ll run with one each of the legal, dance, and AI options?  In that case, based purely on the loglines I’d give the edge to The Underlings (seems to have a similar tone to Fox’s most famous law show Ally Mcbeal), Girl 10 (actually focuses on the AI characters and not just the humans making them) and honestly I could flip a coin for the dance shows.  Other projects I have some interest in include the Neil Gaiman show and High Wire.

Published by Andrew Clendening