Well Murdoch and Ailes from FOX sort of forgot their logo fair and balanced news. At this point and time FOX NEWS resembles a naughty child pouting because he or she didn’t get their way. 

Nothing fair and balanced today so far on FOX – it is pretty evident that the anchors and journalists have received their marching orders for the day and it probably read something like this; “Talk about anything, but do not, understand do not mention Donald Trump.” 

Murdoch and Ailes have a pretty big problem here, if they totally discard Donald Trump their ratings will start sinking because the Liberal News Media will hound Trump like a puppy after a bone.  They want the ratings and Trump is a quick answer to jump-start their ratings which by the way have sort of been in the ditch. 

First Republican Debate Fox had 18 million viewers and only 12 million viewers for the debate last night. 

How many people watched Trump-less Republican debate ...

Anyway, the Republican Debate went off smoothly of course.  Some gave it raving reviews and other a thumb’s down, but that is par for the course.  It was pretty evident that FOX was going to nudge the candidates and sick them on Ted Cruz – most of the candidates caught on quickly realizing that the FOX moderators were trying to set them up.  They declined attacking Cruz and concentrated on the economy, ISIS (Keeping our Country safe,) and of course immigration. 

While the Presidential Debate was airing on National TV, Donald Trump (front-runner) was holding a rally for our Veterans.  Hundreds attended this event and so far 6 million dollars was donated for our men and women who protect us every day.

 Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum (2 Presidential elects) took time out to join Donald’s rally for the vets.   Here’s a few links that tells the story about Trump’s rally for Veterans –

Donald Trump throws a grand old party - CNNPolitics.com

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Rally Des | Video | C ...

The Latest: Trump campaign says rally raised $6 million

If you have time just sit down and listen to Donald Trump speak – it was a very moving rally and gives Americans a first- hand glimpse of the “Real Donald Trump.”  One of his guests John Wayne Walding, a Veteran gives a moving speech that I wish would go viral.  He brought tears to my eyes as he explained what happens to some of our men and women when they return from combat. 


Because of our brave Military, we get up in the morning have our cup of coffee, kiss our families good bye and dash off for the day foot loose and fancy free.  America the land of the free!

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood