We now move on to the Fox network on our look at the drama pilots for 2017.

Fox has one of the most buzzed about drama pilots of the year with the latest Marvel comics offering.  The show follows a family that must go on the run when the kids begin to develop mutant powers.  Fox also had DC project Black Lighting in contention, but chose to pass on that show, which was of course quickly snapped up by The CW.

Fox is also going to straight-to-series with a show with a comedic science fiction show called Orville from Seth Macfarlane.  The show will follow the crew of an exploratory spaceship hundreds of years in the future.  The net also gave the green light to The Passage, a book adaptation set in a world where a mysterious virus is transforming people into vampire-like creatures.  However, it sounds like this show may be delayed.

Fox is also throwing their hat into the medical show ring with The Beast, and has picked up a reboot of the movie Behind Enemy Lines.  The last two projects for the net include the story of a rape accusation at a university, and a show about an idealistic young doctor.

Fox passed on some intriguing concepts, including a parallel world show from Neil Gaiman and a show from the Westworld team about anxiety sufferers who become subjects in a test run by a mysterious and powerful group.  The net also passed on two artificial intelligence pitches, as well as two potential shows set in the world of dance and a show following the rise of a cirque franchise.  Fox needs something to stick this year after big swings Pitch and The Exorcist sadly failed to find large audiences, and the net could look back on some of these potential shows with regret with the projects they chose to run with don`t find success.


Published by Andrew Clendening