Stop whatever you're doing, get up and head to your bathroom, bedroom, hallway or wherever you have a mirror. Heck, pull out your compact from your purse, that'll work just fine for my little experiment. In front of a mirror yet?... Good! Now, take a look at your reflection, a deep look. Examine every inch of your beautiful face. What do you see?

I'll tell you what I see... I see a canvas painted with different symbols that indicate a life lived. Eyes that have snapped endless photos and saved them in their inner clouds. Cheeks speckled with freckles that enhance your natural beauty. Spotted are laugh lines that keep all of your inside jokes hidden. A few wrinkles near the corner of your eyes expressing sleepless nights due to long hours at work, raising a family and having way too much fun with friends. And perhaps a scar or two, maybe not on your face, but somewhere on your canvas they reside. Insignia of permanent memories.

Quick fact, did you know that these days 20 is the new 50. By the time we humans hit the age range of 20-22 we should be implementing "Age-Defying" products into our beauty regimens. Moisturizers, eye cream, concealer, foundation, face washes.. etc. 20! Dude, I'm 31.. I don't even want to know what my age would be according to beauty gurus. Although, most people I meet in life mistake my age to be between 21-25, so I guess I'm doing something right. ;) Honestly, the only product I have that is "age-defying" is my concealer. I use Covergirl's Oil of Olay De-Puffer/ Age-Defying under eye concealer. I don't sleep much so it definitely does help to give the illusion of a well rested human. That's it though, everything else I use is just to keep my dry skin moisturized. I don't even use foundation, I use a BB cream for certain occasions. I find that if your skin is healthy and glowing all on it's own why cover it up. This isn't just women, men too have all kinds of products to keep them looking 10 at the age of 20. :) I love make-up, but I use it to express how I'm feeling that day or just to enhance my natural features, covering my freckles would take some heavy duty foundation.

Back to that gorgeous/handsome reflection of yours, when you look at yourself do you see a canvas filled with splatterings of life or do you see imperfections that need to be concealed away? I believe that we should be proud of our so-called "imperfections". Laugh lines & wrinkles... beauty marks & tattoos... freckles and scars. These are proof that life has indubitably been lived and they are well earned. Be proud of the canvas you were given when arriving into this world and be proud of what you've added to it.  


Published by Derra Sabo