I just heard something really significant. From Chinese medicine there is a saying something like this: "When there is a lack of free flow there is pain." What kind of emotions does that bring up for you? For me, I immediately asked myself what might be blocking my energy flow?  Do you know how it feels to have your own energy flowing nicely? Think about it like this: You have planned out your work project which includes appointments with key contacts, IT work, and your presentation to the key investors. The entire week starts out beautifully and every day it feels more and more like there is a wall in front of every important turn. You have people who are impossible to deal with, computer breaks, phone dies at a key moment, relationships are strained at home and your water heater just broke. Yikes!  Compare that to a week where even with challenges you are excited, things are clicking along as needed and people are in the same place as you are in accomplishing tasks. Even your presentation is openly appreciated! What is the difference? FLOW.

Like it or not, we are the sole reason we are having a "good day" or a "bad day". We have personal beliefs that we feed. The more we believe that things are impossible, the more impossible they will become. The more we believe that things are possible, the more possible they become. It's simple. I have had the challenge of being around a person who I know is conniving and vicious, given the chance. Normally I could work through this better, but I'm very vulnerable as my reality shift is taking form after losing 2 of our children recently. I know this particular person's intentions are all about what money and attention they can get and that the end justifies the means no matter if children are hurt emotionally or adults. I also know that "hurt people, hurt people". In the state of mourning that I've been in, I have been very careful to stay away from or limit my time around anyone who might be toxic. It hasn't bothered me to set boundries for my heart and energy because I realize that my energy has had to be focused on my personal healing and supporting my family's healing path. We still need to move forward in a daily productive way to take care of ourselves. A toxic person is not allowed to have place in my circle. I have used my essential oils like: BalanceCypress, Birch, WintergreenForgive Emotions ForgiveBlendmelaleuca and Lemon to help me to have a peaceful heart. I have given room to go through my affirmations until I feel peaceful and strong enough. Now, is this person out to get me? No, I don't think so. But I do know that if I let a known toxic person into my life/space with as little positive energy I have while mourning the loss of our children, I could be putting myself in a very unhealthy position. I could end up losing ground on my progress. I could end up more fatigued, in lower moods, more anxious and unable to concentrate.

We are are all vulnerable to toxic people on different levels. We all have emotions we are processing because we are all living! In order to be healthy, we have to be honest and loving in that honesty. We need to "feel" what it feels like to have a positive energy flow in our day, week, month, year and then recognize the things that we let interfere with it. We then need to take control of our personal beliefs and work on pulling back the layers of barriers from years of false belief building until we feel that wonderful energy flowing more often and with more strength.

Believe me when I say that I understand that it might seem hard. If you have already started to blame someone, you're normal in our society because blaming and shaming are all we seem to see on the news, in movies, in tv shows and in the workplace/schools. If you are blaming, you are already blocking your flow. Look at yourself first. Calm down. Know that you really are capable and worthy of all good things. You are what and who YOU believe you are. How others treat you is only a reflection of how they view themselves. It's healthier for you to feel sorry for them and move forward than to believe a word they say. I believe, if you are taking the time to read this, that YOU ARE COURAGEOUS. And I would love to work with you more.

Affirmations: I am enough. I enjoy the flow of positive energy in my day. I am courageous. I believe in me. I love me. I have enough love for me and the healthy relationships in my life. I have enough love for anyone. I am excited to set healthy loving boundries and feel positive energy.

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Published by Sherrill Moody