Hi folks, this is my first post here and I hope you will enjoy it. Now as you all know that, now data bundle is very expensive today. Let learn a simple steps to configure our browser and our Internet Download Manager (IDM) in other to access free browsing and downloading with glo.


1. Open 🔓 your web browser (Firefox)
2. Click on options
3. Click on the advanced button 🔲
4. Click on network on the sub bar
5. Select the manual configuration and then input the settings below
Http proxy: turbohide.com port:80
6. Tick the “use this proxy for all protocols” box and click on OK
7. Visit, if you see GLO HSI website refresh till you see turbohide.com proxy portal.
8. Un-tick the remove scripts and remove objects box 🎁. Enjoy the unlimited browsing through the turbohide.com proxy portal with glo. Type your URL in the portal search box 🎁.

Now let configure our Internet Download Manager (IDM)
  1. Launch your IDM
  2. Click on options on the sub-menu bar
  3. Click on proxy/socks
  4. Tick the “use proxy” box. Type this in the boxes below the “use proxy box” (Proxy server address = turbohide.com; Port= 80)
  5. Tick (http, https, ftp)
  6. Now click on OK and start enjoying your free unlimited browsing and downloading with glo.

The configuration for Android Phone for the free browsing and downloading with glo will be done in a few days.
Don’t forget to leave your comment if your configuration didn’t work for you.

Published by Solo Young