SO I'm not sure I've posted a post called "freedom and choice" on this blog yet, I'm almost 50% sure I've done it but for some reason it said there wasn't but who knows, soon as this is posted I'll see a proper list and see what's actually there. 

So yeah it was a blog I wrote on the original blog, about the reason i did everything was because I wanted the freedom to do the big things like go on holiday or spontaneous buys and things like that. 

Turns out I wasn't totally wrong, I wanted freedom and choice but it wasn't really just about the big things but also the small things daily. Today I decided to make pasta for dinner and mum wouldn't let me make it for two hours, made me do it for one. Then as soon as I start she starts making me cut all the vegetables in a specific way. And whilst it just seems so pointless when I write it out it's just the fact that I can't even do the littlest things without my mother controlling it. That's what gets me most, I remember it's something I freaked out about as a kid, I used to just sit there and think, just wait until you're 18 and then you'll be free to do what you want. 

But I doubt it'll change, not really. There's so much cool shit I could've done this summer, so many opportunities I could have made if I had the freedom, my parents despite their utterances that they would let me be more independent as I grew up haven't lessened at all and I doubt when I turn 18 this switch will flick and everything will be changed, so yeah that's my grievances put out there, my annoyances at my parent's inability to give me any leeway in anything I do. 

Published by Kevin Li