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I just finished watching a short video clip of one of my favorite comics, social critics, actors and authors George Carlin (RIP).  I can’t remember ANYONE who fits that bill let alone comics and comedians.  I do, however, remember seeing his routines when I was much younger which, I think, was one of several elements that set me on the path of consciousness.  You have to overstand during the 70’s, being that I was still young and impressionable, I could count on one hand how many so-called ‘white’ people I had so much respect for!  Actually there were only four, George Carlin, singer Neil Young, Mr. Eddie (an old friend of the family) and my 8th grade english teacher Mrs. Dubek.  


The video I’m referencing is from 2005 HBO’s comedy special ‘LIFE IS WORTH LOSING.’  In it he talks about how people think they have freedom of choice when they really don’t!  There are lots of people who would say that’s all HOGWASH and that people have all the freedom in the world.  Now… I’ve noticed that many times people will have two opposing points of views and not even realize that both views, if brought together can solve many problems of the world.  They’ll debate and argue all night on the issue of free choice or lack thereof instead of realizing that both are true! 


Case in point, people don’t have freedom of choice and will never have freedom of choice UNTIL they realize that by turning off their television, computer and cell phones for a few hours a day and only by focusing on reality within their own solarplex (heart) do they allow the flow of free thought/choice.  Unhindered free thought means no toxic guidance by big corporations on what, when, where and how to buy or who to buy it from or to take it further, TO EVEN BUY AT ALL!  Not accepting these facts prevents true freedom  of choice from existing!  Think of it this way… If a person goes to prison for a long time that person must think a certain way in order to survive the harshness of prison life!  

When that person leaves (prison) he or she would still have a prison mentality even though they’d be physically free.  The only difference between an ex-con and an unknowing person on the streets is the ex-con at least knows this!  Either way, an ex-con would have freedom to do certain things but because of mental conditioning in prison will still be psychologically LOCKED UP, HAVING YET NOT HAVING FREEDOM! On the other hand people naturally have freedom of choice when they are born into this world which is why a child will bug you to death for a toy they want even when you tell them flat out ‘NO’ several times!  


Think of the old theme ‘ARE WE THERE YET!’  That child makes a clear cut, free choice to keep asking, regardless!  Children take full advantage of the power of free choice to A WHOLE NOTHA LEVEL!  We as adults lose the FREE CHOICE MINDSET along the way as we age!  This is not natural but by design!  The truth of the matter is we all have free choice to manipulate reality to our benefit though pure visualization!  The enemy knows this!  So in actuality everything can be summed up this way, the real issue shouldn’t be wether or not we have free choice but wether or not we recognize when we have free choice!  Forget the WAR- ON-TERRORISM,  or the rumors of war, THE REAL WAR IS THE ONE FOR CONTROL OVER OUR MINDS!


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