I thought that  I would do a quick review of a new piece of equipment that I am using for my type I diabetes. It is called the freestyle Libre system and it does away with the idea of testing blood via blood strips all of the time. It is actually a piece of wearable technology that can tell you blood glucose level at any time you wave your scanner near your sensor which you place in your arm. Each sensor will last for 14 days and then you need to have lakes it with a new one.

At the moment this is not available on the NHS here in the UK, and it is not the cheapest thing out there. In all, it will cost you about £100 sterling a month. Hopefully, this is going to change and there are a good few petitions going about on the Internet to make this available for everybody.

The reason I changed onto it was because I did not stop bleeding every time I stabbed my finger, which was about four times a day (sometimes more) so dear say it became inconvenient was an understatement. At first, I was only going to trial it to give my fingers a rest for a month, but within the first two weeks I was completely sold on the system and I would never go back.

How is it better?

Well, simply, it shows you what your blood has been doing for the whole day via a chart so it is a lot easier to spot any patterns than it was using those snapshots you were getting with the blood test. For example, I have now learned that my blood sugar tends to go low during the night at about 1 AM or sometimes 3 AM which is something I never knew before.

Not only that, but it is definitely more convenient because you can do it as many times as you like and you don’t have to worry about carrying around all the strips, or even going into the toilets in order to test your blood. The advert for this on the television (or Internet sites) was simply saying that you could do it in public. It is now approved for children over the age of four so a parent would be able to test a child’s sugar levels overnight without having to wake them up.

When you first see the sensor and the needle attached to it you think it is really going to sting when you put it in, but you will be pleasantly surprised because there is no pain whatsoever. You don’t even know it is there unless you accidentally lean on it. Even that does not hurt, though, it is just uncomfortable.

The only thing I would say about it is the readings that you get tend to be lower than they would be with a prick test. So, please do not get alarmed if it tells you that your blood sugar level is too low to read!

But seriously, why would you ever go back? If you get the chance to use the system then you should go for it!

Thanks for reading, hope you found the information helpful.

Published by Angie Trafford