Have you already bought a Labrador? Or are you planning to buy it soon? Are you thinking about switching the breed of your dog or do you wish to add a new dog to the family? Whatever is the case, you must be browsing the internet to find some right breed to have as a pet. This article is going to help you with getting introduced to a different dog named the Brindle colored Lab. Let us take you to the world of information about this dog, and for this purpose, we are using a series of questions. Let's get started with it.

How do we define the term brindle?

Brindle is a word that is used to describe some marking patterns on the animals. These usually are the orange or yellow streaks on the body with black markings on the top of the animal that gives it a unique effect. The brindle effect can occur not only with the dogs but also with the cats, horses and guineas pigs as well.

So what is a bridle lab?

A brindle lab, or a brindle colored lab, is such a type of dog that is a Labrador retriever by nature but has brindle on its body. These dogs are rare for the long-haired coat of hair, but the short hair version is seen a lot of times. The Labrador retrievers have a brownish or an orange tan usually occurring on their muzzle and chest hair, so we refer them as having brindle patterns.

Does brindle affect the traits of a dog?

No. Brindle is just a color of the body, just like some human born with a unique hair color. So the bridle Lab would be 100% similar to the other Labrador retrievers found around. So feel free to purchase this dog to enjoy the perks of traits of the Labrador while soothing your eyes with a unique hair coat as well.

What do I need to know about the Brindle colored Lab?

If you want to know about the nature and temperament of this dog, you would be pleased to see that this dog is born to please you. It is a highly energetic, playful and docile dog that makes perfect friends with the kids and other dogs. All you need to have your pet. The reports have revealed that the most popular and favorite dog breed in the US for last three decades is the Labrador retriever and those who are lucky get the brindle ones.

Does Brindle color mean my dog is not pure?

It does not necessarily mean that your dog is purebred. Since the coloring of the hair of the dogs depends upon the gene called K-locus, it needs to get passed as same from both the parents. So a purebred Labrador could easily be a brindle. Since it is a rare phenomenon that is why people get confused about it that whether or not their dog is a pure breed.

Published by Kimberly Smith