How do you prefer to buy your veggies, fresh or frozen & why?


I typically purchase them frozen because they tend to last longer than fresh and sometimes they are cheaper & since I live on a college student budget, the price matters to me; I like more bang for my buck.  If you haven't read my blog on grocery shopping 101, please take a look at it: definitely worth your while & will save you time and money. 

I do like fresh vegetables, and will splurge on them for peppers, onions, tomatoes, etc. Not all my veggies are bought frozen (mostly just the broccoli, green beans, artichokes) stuff like that. This isn't a blog post about whether one is better than the other, I figure the only thing that matters is how they are cooked and if you are getting the full nutrients. Although here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing vegetables whether fresh or frozen:

  • If buying frozen, check the sodium content, sometimes frozen vegetables if mixed in pre-made sauce or have other seasonings will have more sodium content. ( I buy the plain veggies with nothing added and add my own seasonings when I cook them)
  • when purchasing fresh veggies, make sure to have knowledge around when they are ripe, when they are no good (spoiled) and sometimes the prices change during certain seasons. 
  • Fresh veggies tend to hold in the flavors more, especially peppers and what not. 
  • cook them in a way to not lose all the nutrients.
  • you can eat most veggies raw, chances are you won't want to eat frozen veggies raw.
  • Fresh veggies can be good for some "fur babies" (pets)
  • Both taste good- bias opinion
Everyone is welcome to share vegetable recipes on this post as well as let us know what your favorite veggies are! Thanks for reading, feel free to comment, like, share.
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