Friends… What are real friends? We all have friends but are they the friend you want to have or want to be? If it is a group of friends or just a couple, at some point in your life you will come to the point where you know who your real friends are.

I have a group of friends at school but also outside school and they mean the world to me. When I was in my senior year at high school my group (from school) began to fall apart. We tried to stick together but it wasn’t worth it because everyone was changing. And you can’t be mad at that. We all were friends because we had something in common and I don’t regret that. I’m still greatful for the friends that I had and still have because at some point of my life they meant something to me and still mean something.

Some of my friends didn’t invite each other at each others party’s because they didn’t had something in common anymore. And I did that too. For me are real friends, friends who support each other and knows what is happening in their life’s. I didn’t had that with 2 of my (ex) friends so I decided not to invite them at my party. It wasn’t because I hate them, it’s because it was the right thing to do. Some decisions you  have to make aren’t always the easiest.

I’m actually going through a though time and at this point I realise who my real friends are and that’s oke. I’m only 17 years old and I will be meating new people in the future and who knows who my new/old friends will be.

It is actually true what people said about friends. You will know who your real friends are when you’re in a though situation where you actually need your friends.

Through out the years I had so many friends. When I was at the primary school I was friends with a group which excist out a bunch of guys and girls. We were like best friends until I moved to a different place in Holland and I never heared anything from them. Then I went to  a primary school where I live now and I also made lots of friends, but If you look at me now I got only one friend left from primary school and so on with high school.

Now I’m at college and I’m actually sorting out who my real friends are. I don’t want to be friends anymore with people who just are friends for the name and use me for their sake. If we want to be each others friend than we have to earn it! We’re not an object to use until you’re done with it, we’re people guys, PEOPLE!

Soon or later you have to start to sorting out your friends or the universe will sort it out for you, if you like it or not. Are you going through a though time and not all of your friends are there for you..? Than it’s time to take action. Believe me it won’t be a fun thing to do, but later you will be grateful for it.

If one of my friends read this then I have to say: Thank you for always being there for me, I appreciate your love and hopefully it won’t get lost.


Published by Sinthija Sanganathan