I can vaguely remember my first best friend I had in kindergarten.  Eventually we moved and in our new neighbourhood I found many new friends and a new best friend.  We were inseparable.  Somewhere around high school he moved away and I again found new friends and a new best friend.  University brought new friends, as did working, getting married and finding a new job.

    It seems our whole life is a rotation of friends.  They come and they go.  We have fun when they are there, but eventually they move on and we find new ones.  Some people are able to keep a friend for their whole life, for others, a good friend is never found.

    There’s an old hymn titled ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’. It’s a good thing to remember, that He is our friend and He loves us.

    In John 15:13 we are told “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  That is what Jesus, our friend, did for us.  He laid down His life.  What greater love could there be?

    Do you sometimes feel friendless?  In those times, turn to Jesus.  He has promised to be our friend, to listen to us and to help us.

Published by Ray Richards