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I just knew Couchsurfing when reading a book written by a writer I really like named “Too young to die”. I just joined this community when my friend told me to. Then, I keep introducing it to many friends of mine, most of them become newbies until now. Thank to CS (Couchsurfing), I have more international friends. Thank to CS, I have more reasons to do what I like and not to do what I do not like, it makes me think more differently. But how different? You guys will know.

In high school time, I studied in English class, that means I am one of the students good at English of school, but I did not focus much on it because I thought I should focus every subjects equally. Although I had many chances to practice skills, especially speaking, I did not take it. I was so shy to stand in front of the class just to talk. I was scared that I would use the wrong grammar, that my accent was weird, and that thing or another thing. I did focus on Math, Physics for the exam to university. How stupid was I that I was not keen on what I needed to. Now what, I do not like Economy university, I like Road university. One day, I know this awesome CS and it turns out to be my way of studying.

At the same time, during being the member, I have learnt a lot from my friends who are also members. Actually, I admire them all. It is a girl who quit her job then travel along Vietnam, it is another girl who just decided to buy a one way ticket to Asia in 1 minute because she wanted to, it is a young boy who made a gap year through many countries in Asia because of curiosity, it is 2 people who just had 5 days for holiday and chose Vietnam as a place to refresh, it is a lady who quit her job to become a freelancer in order to make her very dream be true – travel the world or it is 2 cheerful students who made a 4-month backpacking through Asia after high school. I met all of them, I swear their own stories are awesome. They bring me fun, they bring me inspiration, they bring me many parts of colorful world that really exists. Now, they are a part of my storylife, I am going to tell about these friends for sure. CS makes the world smaller than I expected before despite any distances.

One day, I showed one of my CS friend this blog and he asked me why not in English so that he could understand. Then I try. Through CS, I can speak a little of their language and my friends speak some Vietnamese sentences. Also through CS, I do learn the different cultures, some is interesting, some is weird. And through CS, I feel confident to travel my own way. And through CS, I love my hometown more, I love my country more, I keep talking and talking about all stuffs that make me feel proud of.

For more, I am influenced by my friends there. I started to be with a bicycle instead of motorcycle before, I started challenging to be a vegetarian for 1 month and I started working hard and saving then traveling around Asia. Above all, I started writing more to become a famous writer one day, seriously. Come on, I do not need the fame, what I wanna do is to inspire my friends that seeing the world is not that hard and that people can trust others unconditionally. All day everyday, I heard from newspapers or any kinds of Internet about bad things like terroism, homicide, corruption , cheating… that make me not feel good. Even there is a TV program about “The fact of cheating” in Vietnam which I think what is on this program is not real. The problem is that many people watch it including my parents. Of course they put any situations in example when talking with me. This program makes people lose faith in each other and then be wary, surely I do not want it to happen. I have never hated anything or anybody, but I can say I hate this program, at least I think so. Guys, the world is not terrible, it is beautiful instead. At least I know that until now.

CS does change my way of thinking, CS does change my very life.

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