Hi, everyone! I am Kendall and this is my first post on mytrendingstories! I am happy to be a part of the community!

Every since I was a small child I could easily make friends. I never had a problem with "breaking the ice." As I got older, I learned to value this ability. Sometimes talking to people in new or unfamiliar settings is very difficult. I went through a rough patch when I was younger from about the sixth to the tenth grade. Every "best" friend that I made each year moved away!!! At first, I was very upset! I had other friends, but it wouldn't be the same. After years of losing friends, I treated the situation jokingly by saying things like "Oh there goes another one" and "I'm just good at running them off." On the inside, though, I was hurt. Not only is it pain enough to lose a friend every school year, right after getting into the rhythm of things; I begin to think that I was doing something wrong. It only made sense at the time. Every year that I get a friend, that person leaves. Of Course! It was me, but why!? Truly believing that I was the "problem," made it more difficult for me to meet people and open up to them. I was scared of being hurt even more. I knew the problem now, why would I get attached again!?

After about the eighth grade, I began to care less. I didn't realize that I was the one actually limiting myself. I was probably one of the only ones who cared about having set "best friends." It was the label that was holding me back! I felt awkward and lost if I didn't have a "best" friend. Now that I am older I understand that I, like most other people, do not have a "best" friend. Instead, there are friends!

Now that I have given an extensive background, here is the main topic of the blog.

I remember the comforting feeling that I had in ninth grade when I met my now extremely close friend. I will use the letter S for her name. S and I became friends through another girl E. E and I did Girl Scouts together. We were never really that close, but I was lonely at lunch after my last friends had moved away. The three of us bonded over books, certain sets of book series. The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. Later that year, E moved...imagine that. 

S and I stuck together and bonded quickly. We are still the closest of friends to this day.

A while back S and I were having a conversation over the phone. Over the phone because guess why! She moved too! Anyways, using a cell phone for conversations can be tricky. It is often difficult to tell what a person means when they say something. This is because you cannot see their face. S was going through a rough spot and I took it very wrong. Instead of saying something, I kept quiet and moved on. Or so I thought. 

I never let it go. It was always in the back of my mind bothering me. Just because of this misunderstanding, I began to have feelings of dislike and dread toward my friend. That is not any way to be. I was thinking about this problem daily and fuming! I would try to vent to another friend of mine thinking that it would help ease the anger, but it never worked. It made it even stronger. Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore. I decided that I was just going to "fade out." I used this term so that it wouldn't seem as harsh as what it really was. Running away and ditching a friend. 

This was going to be easy I thought! I have had years and years of practice to "get over" and forget people! Why couldn't I do what they did and just leave!? After days and days of planning this, journaling about it, and even blogging about the problem on WordPress, I was ready...Until S messaged me and we had a fun and easy going conversation. This talk made me feel so happy until it ended. Then I felt bad and ashamed that I was planning to abandon. 

Finally, I adulted up. I couldn't take the depressing and angry feelings anymore. I calmly began a discussion with S. I brought up the problem and how I was feeling. I explained that I was not saying all of it to hurt anyone's feelings. I just had to get it off of my chest. S was completely understanding. We talked about it and us for a while. 

Just like that, all of the issues were fixed. I couldn't believe it! All of the months that I had spent dwelling and feeling bad about this easy fixable situation. It was a growing up lesson for me. S and I have both promised to be more open and honest with one another. Also, to speak up when something doesn't sit right with us. I believe that this will make the friendship stronger and more relaxing. This shows that the quote "honesty is the best policy" is 100% true!

I feel so much lighter and happier now that my friendship issues are resolved! If you have any problems with your friendship, I advise you to be straight forward and honest, or no one will know how you feel! Humans are not mind readers! ☺

I hope this post wasn't too boring! I wanted to start out with a personal and relatable story. Tell me what you think!

Thanks for reading.


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