Hey guys, I'm back and ready to ask some questions!! 

So the other day I was thinking about old and new friendships, and what friendship is actually all about! Like why is it such a important part of everyday life? Why do we all need it? Why do people say you can't be friends with someone over the internet? 

I think we all need to have friends, people that think different from us, people we can talk to about anything and not feel judge! friendships are important to us and we all need them, but why is it that internet friends don't seem to matter? Why can't we be friends with people that don't live near us? If you move away from your home town, and Skype your old friends they then become internet friends. 

It shouldn't matter if you have grown up with them, or met them online if you feel like there is a friendship there then try and keep it! 

I know that people can lose contact if they move away and thats why the internet is great as you can use places like Twitter and Facebook to reconnect with people, but you can get a follow or a random friend request and become so close and thats amazing. 

And when it comes down to loyal friends, people you have known for a day can be more loyal then people you have known for 10 years! (trust me I know that for a fact!) 

It shouldn't matter if your friends are close by or ten thousand miles away, they are your friends and you should feel blessed that you are both in each others life. You have someone to talk to, someone to Skype, someone to phone late at night, as it might be day time where they are, you can face time if they have an apple product, you can show them around your town when they come to visit and they can do that for you. 

Friends are great and you don't always need to see eye to eye, you can have a fight but you will always be able to call them your friend, even if it was for a short or long time in your life! 

Friends are great and a blessing and I am glad of all my friends I have had and have and still to come! 

So thats it for this rant guys until next time! 

Live Long And Prosper _\\//

Published by Ameliarose Newman