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A few years ago, I moved to New York City. It was one of the most thrilling and scary things I had ever done. Shortly after I started working at the American Museum of Natural History, which was a unique adventure onto itself. It was there that I met an aspiring actress who I hit it off with almost immediately. Her name was Ariel. No, her name was Matteah Renee but I really did call her Ariel because she worked at Disney and had red hair. 

The bond between Matteah and I stayed strong, even when I moved back to Detroit. Every week we would take time out of our schedules to FaceTime and keep each other updated on careers, boys, etc. A victory for her is a victory for me, and vice versa. It's what friendship is. So imagine my surprise when she posted a link to the video above on Facebook and i had no idea that she had been in a music video! To say that I was thrilled for her is the understatement of the century. 

You're probably asking why you should care? Maybe you shouldn't but one day Matteah will be a famous actress and I will be a best selling author, and then you'll know who we are. 

Published by Ed Anderson