Friends – they are known as your siblings in heart. Your second parents, your shoulder to cry on, your inspirations, the list goes on and on. I had met a lot of people and the lucky ones became my friends. Below are the types of friends I have, and I’m sure you have one too : )

The Funny One.

The life of the party – this kind of friend knows how to tickle your funny bone. The kind of friend that just by seeing his/her face, you’ll laugh. SERIOUSLY. :DD Every joke that they make, corny, but usually witty, it will surely make your day. These type of friends are my best friends since I’m a funny and crazy person too . kkkk : P

The Listener/comforter.

The shoulder to cry on, and sometimes called as the ‘counselor’ in the group :)) This kind of friend will listen to any rants you have – it can be a bad day, your moments with your crush, etc. A trustworthy and patient person, this kind of friend is a treasure : ) Not to mention that these type of friends are rare to find nowadays.

The Outgoing. 

The adventure seeker – this kind of friend will surely bring thrill to your life. Usually the ones who plan hang outs, slumber parties and drinking party, they can be a lot of fun to be with – however some can be bad influence. I’ve been with friends who had invited me to drinking sessions and clubbing, but I had to say no. I’m not KJ or whatsoever – but that time i need to prioritize my studies , the trust of my parents and most especially, myself. Freedom doesn’t mean no limits – you also need to watch out and be careful.

The trendsetter. 

From fashion, music and everything new, this type of friend is always updated – and thus called as the ‘ trendsetter’ in the group. As what I’ve observed in my trendsetter friends, they are usually the artistic and fast-learner ones in the group. I really love hanging out with these friends – since I love music and fashion :) #awesomeandcool

The slow one. 

This is exactly the opposite of the trendsetter – this type of friend can be foolish at times, but in a funny way :) Mostly the object of the group’s pranks, this kind of friends doesn’t have any clue and corny. But surprisingly, they are the ones who will be missed the most when they are not present. I don’t know but I like those type of friends, because they are usually sweet and affirmative. They can be foolish and weird, yes, but they are intelligent when it comes to life issues ( that’s how I observed in my other friends who are like this ).

The Crush 

Last but not the least – I’m sure each of you had this kind of friend once in your life. I had this type of friend once, but sadly I was not only friendzoned, but we turned into strangers. Lucky ones became their lovers and some keep the friendship. But i guess that there are some relationships that would be better as friends, because it would last longer – no attachments, no bitterness because friendship is supposed to be full of love and joy, right ? This type of friend may be the listener, the funny one or all of the above : ) But one thing for sure, this type of friend have a special place in your heart.


Funny, mean, outgoing or not, as long as he/she is your friend, that person would truly be unforgettable, and somehow changed your life. One thing I learned in friendship is that, if you want to find a loyal and true friend, then be one :)

Published by Crizelda Nicolas