Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are going down the stretch literally neck and neck in the Iowa Presidential Republican caucus.  The two men who said they were friends have kicked their friendship out the window and put on their campaign armor – Trump and Cruz are determined to come out on top in Iowa. 

Both of these men are good, really great men and they aren’t “insiders.”  Trump and Cruz listen to the people - neither one is for hire by the highest bidder.  Both of these men agree on the critical issues facing our Nation; (1) Defeat ISIS, (2) Secure our borders, (3) Strengthen our weak Military, (4) Repeal Obamacare and stop Obama’s deal with Iran. 

The good old Republican establishment should be bouncing off the walls or dancing on the ceiling, but they’re not.  They dislike Trump and Cruz – they have vowed to remove these two candidates from the Republican establishment.  The GOP and Chamber of Commerce have other candidates in mind (Insiders) – they will spend millions, probably billions to eliminate Trump and Cruz from the Presidential race.

As the Iowa Caucus gets closer, prominent people are starting to take sides.  This is sort of the time when the S- - - hits the fan.  Levin & Limbaugh are being rather childish and really showing their fannies, because Trump’s attack against Ted Cruz offends both of them.  Hey Mark and Rush, this is the world of politics - put your big boy pants on and quit complaining.  Just sit tight and see what happens next.

Sarah Palin reminds one of Mary Poppins, when you least expect it she comes sailing in on her dog sled and this time totally blindsided the Liberal News media.  Since Sarah campaigned with McCain the Liberal News Media has what one could refer to as a fatal attraction for the Alaskan Governor.

 Rush is shaking his head in astonishment because he know Sarah has a knack for picking winning candidates and this time she has her heart set on Donald Trump. And it even gets better folks!

Arriving on the campaign trail supposedly offering to give Cruz a big boost is the bad boy Beck who just recently had to apologize to Trump.  Beck said Trump voted for Obama – wrong, wrong and wrong.  Anyway this is a perfect time for Beck to blow off some steam because he hates Trump and everyone in Iowa will see Beck in action as he stumps for Cruz. 

Beck totally turned on some tea partiers.  September 2015 Beck said, On Tuesday, talk radio host Glenn Beck accused the Tea Party supporters of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump of being racists.  Beck is notorious for his flip flops!

Probably the funniest part of this entire Presidential Campaign is those Presidential elects who can’t stomach Trump – they are definitely attempting to follow his lead on critical issues. 

Rubio and Christie are starting to by paraphrase Donald Trump’s key phrase “Let’s make America Great Again.”  Christie begs for the votes by saying vote for me, “the best way that we’re going to make America much more exceptional.”  Rubio is touching the darker side by saying, “We sometimes feel like strangers in our own nation.”

It looks like (Cruz) is trying to back - peddle a bit after the last Republican Debate when he landed a low blow on Trump when he brought up New York values.  Trump, with compassion and humility slam dunked Cruz by bringing up 9/11, the police and first responders. 

Cruz definitely felt that punch and in a closing statement during a recent speech Cruz said, “Every police officer, firefighter and first responder who risk their lives to keep us safe, I will have your back.”   Cruz stole another page right out of Trump’s book. 

Never in our history have we had the privilege to participate in a Presidential campaign that is a “love, hate war between the Republican Insiders and the Republican outsiders.  People who have given up voting due to the crooked Washington Cartel will be at the Presidential polls in 2016. Many Americans who never took the time to vote are planning to vote for the first time in their life.   

2016 will be one of the greatest years in our history.  We can take our Government back and make it a Government of the people, by the people and for the people.  Together we can make America great again.  This can be the year of TBOCA (Take Back Our Country America.) 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood