There once was a locust.

His name was Vern.

He was quick as a dart.

He jumped high as a fern.

There once was a beetle.

His name was Dan.

He was tough as a rock.

He fought hard as a man.

There once was a cricket.

His name was Luck.

He was smart as a whip.

He chirped loud as a truck.

They met in a field.

They formed a pirate band.

They hitched up their things.

They traveled the land.

They stole honey.

They stole grain.

They stole crops.

They even stole rain!

One day they sat

Resting by a pool,

When Dan stood up

And said, “This seems fool!

We call ourselves pirates,

And we’re smart and quick and tough,

But we have no ship,

Nowhere to put our stuff!”

“He’s right you know,”

Said Vern at last.

“We are pirates,

But we have no mast!”

“Fellows, fellows,”

Said Luck with a grin.

“We do have a ship,

And its name is ‘Friend’.”

Published by Tyler Deal