Fringe is back this season and it is much bigger. You have fringe jackets, boots with fringes, tops and accessories too. But this trend goes way back in time. The first being the fringed Charleston dress that became the evening look during the Fitzgerald era.  Everything about this era has always mesmerized me and everything that I have imagined definitely is because of reading the Great Gatsby. But over the years, this style has been seen in the western, bohemian and rock ‘n’ roll culture, where even though you will see fringe on the attire, every style is unique and different than the other.

This fringe suede dress is perfect for a night out. The fringe on this dress accentuates your neckline and I love how it fits perfectly. This season you will find many holding on to this trend. I know that it started in the spring season, but it is something that I believe is still amazing for the summer season.

With the numerous styles featuring fringes today, there is no doubt that this style creates a statement in the fashion industry. It has been a style that started years ago and even today we use a part of history to create new trends. So how do you like to style your fringe?

- Pooja Baxi -




Published by Pooja Baxi