So you woke up *flawless* and decided you wanted to start a blog, because well, #GOALS. Now you ask yourself , where the heck do I start?

I got you boo. I have officially , not so much consistently, been blogging for the last 3 years and writing for 12 , so I think I have a little insight on how to successfully start a blog. Now , before I jump into these 5 tips to turn you from "basic to babe" first let me ask you a few questions. So, why ?  Why do you want to be a blogger? Maybe you saw all your friends with their cool blog sites and thought , I can do that ! But, is it really what you want? Is blogging something you're passionate about? Do you feel you have something that needs to be said. Yes , it matters. I think it is very important that you know your why BEFORE starting because

1. It's NOT easy.

2. It will take up all your time.

I don't say that to scare you, I just really want you to be prepared. Blogging is one of the most rewarding careers (if you're blogging just for leisure, this does not apply), but it is a full-time job. I find blogging to be a bit more easier when it's not your profession or something you are trying to gain revenue from, but either way it's still a lot of maintenance. All that said, blogging is fun and when done the right way you will  forge a community of like-minded creatives that will surely inspire you in your day to day living.

So you know your why and you're serious about this blogging life , so what's the next step?

Two things : A title and a niche. Now, one of those sounds really fancy, but simply put what do you want to be known as and for? I run two separate blogs on two separate mediums , but I make sure that there is always a consistent theme leading back to my personal brand, Nataja Zanelle. You want to make sure that your title (if not your name ) is catchy, unique and accurately promotes what your blog is about. Finding your niche, where you belong as far as content categorization, will be very beneficial when it comes to forming your community. It is so vital that you establish who your target audience is in the very beginning so you know who you're talking to and how to market your blog.  So you have your title and you know who your target audience is? Well then come on, let's get into these tips!

From Basic to Babe : 5 Tips for New Bloggers

Consistency Is Key- Try to put yourself on a schedule. Most successful bloggers recommend newbies posting at least 2-3x a week. But remember , quality is so much more important than quantity.The idea is to give your followers content that makes them want to return!

Be Yourself- Okay, so it's cliche and you've heard it a thousand times before. But, it's because it's TRUE. People will be able to spot out the fakes and trust me you want a following who likes you for you and not who you pretend to be!  Mind over matter!

#Hashtags- I use to be the person who made fun of people with a million hashtags on their post and now that's who I've become. THEY MATTER. It's how you connect with related blogs and posts and how yours get discovered. So go ahead , hashtag your life away ! #Hashtagsareyourfriends #SEO #YouSeeMyPoint

Wordpress vs. Blogger- Seeing as though I have both I figured I would speak on these two, but there are definitely other blog hosting sites and I would totally recommend taking your time and doing some research! Wordpress = better functionality, easier to user, better theme options, suggested for professional blogging. Blogger= more quaint/ homey feeling, suggested for leisure blogs.

 Interact + Engage- In my opinion , this is the most important tip! Blogging is not just about telling your story/ showing your works , it's also about engaging with others and learning from different people! Be sure to check out other people's blogs and interact with them and their followers, not with ill-intention, but with hopes of forming connections and networking! Use your social media platforms as a way to connect with your friends/family and get them involved in what you are doing, but never forget who your target audience is. Create polls or daily/weekly challenges, something to get your followers active and involved. Have FUN!

Okay so I definitely wanna be a #bloggerbabe, I have my title , I know my niche and I've read all the tips ! What do I do now? 

Type it up & hit send! It's just that easy! Don't over analyze it or you will syke yourself out. You got this! Blogging is what you make it , so make it FUN! Can't wait to read all of your blogs ! Make sure you drop them links:)

From one babe to the next , blog on <3

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