Going from the office or hanging out with friends to a dinner date doesn't need to be difficult.  

Just bring a Jacket and shoes and leave them in your car (or near your desk as the case may be).


I really love this clothing set as it's comfortable for during the day, the skater skirt will show a waist and the flowing top ends just before the waist giving a shape even though it is loose.  If you want to be daring  or you are young enough and have the figure for it you can wear it with your midriff showing (just buy the skirt in a larger size and it hangs lower).

The jacket is cropped which will show a waist and the shoes give a bit of a street wear edge (great for school or college).  If you work in an office, change the converse to a ballet flat.....simple.


This outfit is perfect for a dinner date.....or more importantly drinks with the girls after work.  The jacket will show off any waist (even if you think you don't have one) and the heels are just gorgeous and right on trend.


Till next blog.......be fabulous

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe