I loved Finding Nemo when I was a little kid, sometime ago I watched it again after a long time, I still loved it. It´s a great movie, well animated, unique and most importantly it has a thought. Instead of coming up with a bunch of "bad guys" the makers of the movie made it target feelings. In many movies that are especially made for young audience (of course they are for others too but they are the core audience, I watch quite a lot of this type of movies) there is surprisingly a lot of violence and hate, in a same time more difficult subjects like death and emotional pain are often left away. I find it surprising that it´s okay to show children quite a lot of violence in animated movies but when the movie starts to talk about facing violence it´s controversial. I´m not saying that every single movie should have some difficult subjects discussed in it, no it would not be good either because we need movies that create just happiness and joy. I´m always really glad to se happy movies with an original idea, not just story poured into the same basic model as too many other movies.

Well, let´s get to the Finding Dory. I was expecting a lot but in a same time I was prepared to be disappointed, so many times movie sequels (especially in "children´s" movies) are made with the same model because of the pressure to get the movie do as well as the previous one. I was very happy after seeing Finding Dory, I wasen´t disappointed at all. They kept the best of Finding Nemo, the thought. The storyline is very connected to Finding Nemo´s and also once again we are looking for someone, this time Dory´s family. Although there is a lot of similarity it is not too similar, they brought in new elements still keeping hold of the idea of Finding Nemo. Also there is new themes and strengthening of the old ones, importance of friends and family or someone who matters to you is a theme that already exist in Finding Nemo and is strengthened in Finding Dory. As a new themes there were daring to be yourself and thought of how unconditional the love of your family and friends is, if you are gone for too long will they care about you if you come back?

If you haven´t seen Finding Nemo I recommend that you watch it, if you liked it I would say that you should watch Finding Dory. They are colorful and cute but hold a deeper meaning.

- Sara Kauppila

Published by Sara Kauppila