I only remember…
Everything faded to black.
But… for how long was I out?
I’m in an unfamiliar place…
It feels really different here… I feel an overwhelming sense of peace.
Then… When I open my eyes, I see you.
And it’s like I’ve only opened my eyes for the first time in my life.
You… You’re beautiful.
But… who are you?
Where did you come from?
I’ve… never seen you before.
I mean… I think I have…
Maybe just not the way I see you now.
It’s hard to be certain… my memory’s faded.
You have this unique glow about you though…
So, you’re definitely not ordinary.
The energy you have is stranger… but in a good way.
Hmm… How did you manage to touch me and take all the pain away?
I’m supposed to still be hurting… Look at all these scars and bruises…
I can’t believe you even got inside… The door was locked tight…
There was no way you could have gotten in without hurting yourself.
So… How did you do it?
Right now, I don’t understand you…
You actually came after me… to rescue me.
I don’t know why…
You can explain it to me, countless times…
But I still won’t understand… Why?
It amazes me… you embrace me. ALL OF ME.
The way you ran in, held me close and carried me away… I can’t get over that…
Everything was about to cave in, but you raced in and extended your beautiful hand.
I couldn’t resist it… I took a chance.
You saved me… From me.
I just wanted to die…
You’re… my hero? Or heroin?
You’re so compassionate towards me… I don’t understand it.
How can you be so gentle? How can you love the way you do?
Especially someone like me…
Don’t you get tired?
Don’t you ever need a break?
You… Saved me. But why?
I thought that it was supposed to go the other way?
I’m supposed to be someone’s Knight In Shining Armor… Yours I suppose.
But instead, I’m met with you, who would slay evil spirits on my behalf, guard me and protect me… You take pleasure in being a shield for me. You’ll draw your sword, the moment something doesn’t feel right – how do you sense it when something is not right… with me?
Who am I that you’d just come into my life and treat me so good?
Like, why me?!
How can there be such a thing?
A beautiful lady who is also knight... a Lady Knight?
And it seems that you were made for this.
But what makes me worth the fight?

To be continued…

Published by A Passionate Writer