Continental Divide
If you haven’t already taken notice there is a great divide in our nation today. A thin line, once formerly reserved respectfully for blue, now delineates rows of Pink Houses within our communities between two opposing sides: love and hate. Where once our national colors unitedly ran red, white, and blue Old Glory, who nowadays resembles more of an American Horror Story, has since been figuratively reconstructed with distinguishing patterns of ebony, ivory, and emblematic blue running opposite one another other.
Sons of Anarchy
With the removal of the Ten Commandments in recent years from our homes, our schools, and even our government offices we have become like sons of anarchy, a people unrestrained by the moral aspects of God's Law. As a result, a general hatred for the majority of the human population has taken up residence in the hearts of most because of the increase in wickedness within our society (Matthew 24:12). And while we understand full well that it is wrong to commit murder what we often fail to realize is that those feelings of intense hostility toward another human being also carry with it the same weight as having engaged in the physical act itself according to God's standards.
Attitude of the Heart
In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus unveils to His listening audience that murder begins in the heart, and, therefore, delivers this stern warning: “whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment" (Matthew 5:22).
Furthermore, while some folks may have no qualms about waging a war of hate filled words against one another whether, under the guise of righteous indignation or simply venting one's frustrations, Jesus further makes it clear that any verbal abuse makes one liable to eternal damnation: "But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire” (v.22).
Fool Me Twice
It's obvious by our constant divide over issues of race, religion, and politics, to name just a few, that animosity toward our fellow man continues to become a factor in our society. So long as we occupy these corruptible bodies we will continue to revisit the same issues that have plagued us in generations past and for future ones to come.
So what’s the solution? Or rather, who shall we say is the answer to the problems we are currently facing? As upcoming elections heat up and the associated rhetoric from Presidential hopefuls continues to fuel the burners of hostility, a year from now when we say hello to the new boss, will he or she for that matter be the same as the old boss? And as we cling for dear life to every promise made in the interim are we hoping that maybe, just maybe, this time, we won’t get fooled again?
The Cost of Freedom
Somewhere along this road in our hot pursuit of life and liberty, we lost our way as a nation when we pulled out all the stops, that is God's Law from our hearts and minds, in a vain attempt at striving to attain a mere hologram of human happiness in the form of the American Dream. As a result instead of life we have encountered senseless death, instead of liberty we've become enslaved by sin, and instead of finding happiness our nation has become utterly miserable at the choices our leaders have made as well as some of our own.
More Than a Feeling
But for our nation to truly heal from past wounds in these afflicted areas and to truly find hope in our future it’s going to take more than a movement, a new set of high ideals, and far more than another elected official into office. What we truly need as a nation in order to see a people changed and lives restored is to have our hearts once again turned back toward God.
Bridge to Life
If we really want to see America become great, then let’s start by crossing that great divide which first runs through our own heart. And by way of the One who has bridged the gap for us between death and life let us cross over this integral platform and be reconciled to Him whose promise of an abundant life far surpasses race, religion, and political affiliation.
Run to win,

Published by Dennis Miranda