Very few of us can bust out of the confines of a 9-5 office job.

Even the lucky few who escape to freelance work, or start their own business, often see their dreams of long midday gym sessions fade into long days in front of a computer, cranking out emails and spreadsheets.

If you are feeling like your work routine is taking a serious toll on your overall health, you are not alone. Employees today often complain of weight gain, chronic fatigue, back pain and getting sick more often; a lot of this attributed to the sedentary life of the office worker.  But wait, WAIT, there are so many things to be done to improve your health and wellness, even in the 9-5 office job box.

If you are looking to increase your mood, health, energy levels and productivity at work, read on for 6 hot tips on staying healthy in the office.

1.    The Stand Up Desk

Have you heard? Sitting is the new smoking.

Seriously though, there are studies that show that sitting all day long wreaks havoc on your health.  The first step to a healthier lifestyle is a stand up desk and/or a state of the art laptop holder.  These modifications create more space in your workspace and is far more ergonomically correct than a stationary laptop or desktop computer.

2.    Eat Well

Don’t get stuck in the rut of grabbing take away and eating at your desk.

Prioritise healthy meal planning and bring home-made food to enjoy at the office. Make food that is high in protein and rich in antioxidants to keep your brain and body functioning at high levels throughout the day.  Replace unhealthy takeaway with healthy lunches for a week and see how your energy levels soar!

3.    Walking Meetings

Who says meetings all have to take place in the office?  If you have a brainstorming session with a collogue, why not schedule it as a walking meeting?  Creativity will flow far better with fresh air and inspiring surroundings.   Bring a notepad along or make time to jot all important points down right when you get back.

4)    Workplace Wellness

Does your office have a workplace wellness initiative?

If so, take advantage of it!  If not, push for them to create and implement one!  Many offices are now offering workplace yoga either on the lunch hour or right after work.  Specific yoga poses can improve common workplace ailments in the shoulders, back and wrists.  

5)    Stay Hydrated

I am totally guilty of overindulging in coffee during the work day.

I am also very aware of the crash that comes with that around 4pm when the caffeine has worn off and the dehydration has kicked in.  Keep a litre of water at your desk with a glass nearby.  Drink it throughout the day, and set a goal to drink 1-2 litres minimum each day.  Drinking water will maintain energy levels and avoid your eyes drying out from excessive screen time.

6)    Take the Stairs

There is one sure fire way to avoid that awkward moment in the elevator with your boss; take the stairs!  Taking the stairs not only provides numerous health benefits, it prolongs your need to talk about work for a few more minutes as you huff and puff up to your 5th floor office.

We all have colleagues that seem to just have more energy than the rest of us.

They are not from some super hero planet of humans with more energy, they are merely integrating healthy habits in their lifestyle both in and out of the office.

Small changes can make dramatic results in your mental and physical health and productivity at work.  Start with the tips above, and as your energy and mood improves see what other healthy habits you can integrate into your life!


Published by Sarah Williams