Have you ever find yourself craving sugar, just when you get home from work, or is it only me?
Well, I am  big fan of anything sweet, but I am also aware of the danger of putting inside of your body highly processed foods. So, I am very glad I also love fruits and lately have a thing for bananas. This is the easiest treat I’ve ever made and actually works to keep my cravings under control.

First things first… You need to have all the ingredients ready, you don’t wan to realize in the middle of this amazing little project that you didn’t have something you needed (been there, done that a zillion times… and Improv not always work haha). GO around your kitchen and make sure you have:

  • Silicon molds. I used hearts and individual cupcake molds
  • Bananas (as many as you want, that depends of how many mold you have), they can be ripe or overripe if you like… Basically anything but green
  • Dark Chocolate, at least 70% Dark… remember we’re avoiding sugar
  • Coconut oil, baking spray or anything that helps you grease the molds a bit… I go for pure coconut oil
  • 1/4 cup Almond milk per banana, you might need to use less but have at least that much… Can also be any milk of your preference

Next you put your banana(s) in the blender, try not to put to many or the blender may hate you… You might notice is to thick so start adding milk, a table spoon at the time and see how if reacts, should be creamy and not just a thick paste that barely moves. Then, pour this magical almost ice cream looking banana cream into your previously greased silicon molds, throw your chocolate pieces or chips (remember, must be DARK chocolate in order to be healthy, plus gives you that energy kick you might be needing). And finally if you must, add some sprinkles, just a little tiny bit… I honestly don’t really love them, for this recipe they don’t add any flavour, only add cuteness for the purpose of the photos.

Freeze and eat everyday when you get home from work, is hot and you need sweetness in your system. You can keep them frozen for a very long time, but I wouldn’t recommend to keep them more than a week, just keep the flavour fresh.

Published by Jen Guevara