I cannot define myself yet as a blogger for major reasons:

  • My English vocabulary, wordings and composition itself is not good but obviously, I am still trying to use English in every post I make no matter how weird I sound. I just hope that people who will come across on my page would really get whatever I'm saying. HA-HA! I have a few followers though, so I guess my posts are still understandable so far. *winks*
  • I use stock photos. Sniff. Sorry. I have no high-end SLR or cyber shot kind of camera. I only rely on my iPhone 5 for photos and use a few filters and adjustments using VSCO and Afterlight.
  • I rely on the internet for blog post ideas and link up because I'm not that creative and artsy kinda girl.

Tumblr was my main platform before because I thought that every posts that I see from tumblr are like relate-able in every aspect of my life. Ya know that feeling when you reblog or like something on tumblr, I kind of relate to it most of the time especially when it is about life and love and other blahs. Basically, tumblr is where I pour my heart online, where I can share all the dramas I have in life. There. All there. But right now, I guess I kind of matured a little and would now want to write without the drama and stuff. Ha!

So.. What are the few things I learned so far? First, the essential mobile apps that I blogged about before and until now I still use the same apps. I am still not a pro and as I said, not a proper blogger but I've been reading and exploring on the internet and got a few more tips that I'm currently following..

1. Google for free stock photos instead of not having any featured image.

I always thought that a blogger must be good in taking photos and the know-hows in Photoshop. From there, I thought that I will never be fit to blog. Then, I figured from other blogs that I follow, that if they have no time in taking photos or if they do not have the equipment to take photos, they have a go-to free stock photos site that can be used for personal and/or commercial use. Here's a few websites that offer free stock photos/images that you can use to level-up and beautify your blog.

I am subscribed to these sites and, god. Their photos are amazing!

2. Use a featured image with text on it.

I noticed that most bloggers have a featured image with text in every post they make. There are a lot of free fonts online that you can use (sorry, I am just into the free ones). I am using Phonto mobile app in adding text on my photos. You can download a font directly on your iPhone from google and open it to Phonto. Since, I am feeling lazy at the moment to write the how-tos, here's a quick link on how to download a font in Phonto. I warn you, downloading fonts and using it on your (free stock) photos could be addicting. Lol

3. Join blog link-ups.

I still don't know if I'm doing it right, but whenever I follow a blog and they have linkups that I get to be interested in, I join. It is kind of a weekly thing. Right now, I do have The Happy List, which I aim to do every Friday and The Sunday Currently linkups on Sundays. I already have 2 posts on each linkup so obviously I just started joining and doing good so far. I enjoy reading other linkups and make me discover other blogs as well.

4. Define a category on each post.

This one is really helpful for you to sort out your posts. You can try viewing my blog and check on the sidebar under Categories and see how my posts are organized. Lol Not trying to brag, but I guess I'm following this consistently.

5. Advertise.

I learned to advertise my post by sharing/posting the featured image in different social sites - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and the likes and I make them visible in public. I have not updated my Pinterest and Google+ profile, that's why I couldn't share the links yet. Ha-ha!

6. Be yourself.

While I was watching Camie on her live stream on twitter, she said to use whatever language we are most comfortable in. If it's not English, then it's not. It will not be that effective (talking to my face). Each post that we publish is a reflection of us. I want mine to be particularly about my life, the happenings and whatnot. That's why it is the life lately. And the reason why I don't have a decent About-Me page, aside from being too lazy to do it, I let my (few) readers get to know me through my posts.

I am still on a quest in familiarizing myself in blogging. I have no plans of making this my career, though. I guess it's just a good feeling for me when I get to interact with other people from different parts of the globe whenever they post a comment or liked my posts.


I hope you'll like this one.

Have a great time ahead! :)

Published by Jen Medrano