The full moon can produce an intense amount of energies during this time of the month just before and after the full phase. With practice and patience, you will be able to harness these energies to benefit your emotions and decisions with everyday tasks.

Since it is such a high amount of energy, it is key to be in a very calm state of mind. During the full moon, anything you feel becomes amplified. So if you are happy or angry, you will feel a deeper emotion towards what you are already experiencing. Hence why people seem a bit off during these times of the month.

Here are some simple steps to ensure that you gain the most positive energies possible from the moon to benefit your lifestyle:

  1. Happiness. Stay far away from angry thoughts and feelings. It is important to keep calm, letting things go for this certain time. Its best to wait to communicate feelings until after the full moon phase.
  2. Positive Thoughts. We try to be as positive as we can everyday, as the full moon doubles what you feel, it is important to keep your thoughts positive. If your feeling overwhelmed, and calmness is hard to come by, I always write a list of all the things I currently love and enjoy about my life.
  3. Meditate. Using the moons amplified energy is a great way to also amplify your meditative state. I feel that I have more focus during the full moon phase.
  4. Dreams to Reality. While in meditation, envision your dreams and thoughts all coming into reality. When you envision where you want to be, or what you'd like to become, your dreams become a plan/goal to achieve.
  5. Protect Yourself. Always remember that the full moon amplifies everything you feel. Avoid making any permanent decisions or buying and selling at this time. Feel the energies and take in anything possible you can benefit from.

It is extremely important to stay as calm as possible, also be aware of your surroundings and what you feel from them. Perfect time to learn the different feelings for different types of energy.




Published by Mzz Jessy