I haven’t traveled a lot yet, but I got a lot of bad and good experiences from my previous trips that I decided to share some helpful travel tips. This is for those who are planning to start traveling or those who wants to go with me because I guarantee you, I follow these rules.

Here are some fun travel tips from a newbie like me:

Planning is important. Although sometimes I travel because of a spur of the moment decision, along the way I made plans. It always pays to have a back-up plan. One time, I went on a trip with friends and our first plan didn’t work out. So instead of sulking and ruining a perfect day, we proceed to our next option and totally enjoyed our day.

Wake up early. On the day of the trip, wake up early. That’s my number one rule. I don’t want to travel late because I want to avoid the heat and the crowd. I enjoy travelling on a sleepy town. When you travel early, public transportation has fewer passengers so you don’t have to share and get cramped along with a lot of people, the air is less polluted and roads are less dangerous.

Remember, patience is important. When things are not happening according to what you want, be patient. When things don’t work out, stay calm in order to make a good decision. Sometimes being patient extends to people you traveled with or the people you meet along the way. Always keep a cool head. Anyway, if there's a problem, there's always a way. You just have to persevere.

Learn to laugh at yourself. It is very normal to look like a fool when travelling to new places, seeing new things and experiencing new stuffs. Instead of getting embarrassed, laugh at yourself. That’s what I and my friends always do when we encounter strange things. Life is too short to be serious. Always look at the fun side.

Don’t be afraid, get lost on purpose. This world offers a lot of beautiful places. So instead of staying in one place, explore! Don’t be afraid to discover new places. Get lost on purpose in order to see the beauty of small towns and explore the suburbs.

Go beyond your comfort zone. Try new things. Challenge yourself. Face your fears. Its time to go out of your comfort zone and try things you normally won’t do. I have a fear of heights but I always push myself beyond my limits. So I crossed a hanging bridge, climb at the edge of the waterfall, cliff dived and hang on a zipline. I don’t know how to swim so I’m afraid to travel by sea but I endured a two-hour pump boat ride in order to visit an island. I've done a lot of things I don’t normally do in order to really enjoy and make a memorable trip.

Observe and meet the local people. Don’t be afraid of befriending the locals. Most of the time, you will need their help. By talking to people, you will learn a lot of things and will understand their beliefs and culture. Take time to observe your environment, the smell, the color, the sounds and the human interactions around you. Through this, you will enrich your travels with deeper understanding of the local people.

Take lots of photo! My friend always encourages me to take as many pictures as I can wherever we go. After spending a lot of money in order to travel, our only consolation is a bunch of pictures showing how much we enjoyed our trip. These photos help you remember the places you visited, the people you meet and the fun times you experienced there.

I’m a newbie and these are my travel tips. I hope you learn something from it.


Published by Anabelle Suravilla