This is my first article here, and I would have never thought of writing a silly one as my introductory article here. But, what can I do? My hands were just yearning to write this one out, as soon as I had this funny talk with my 4 year old. 

Well, when you have three kids, you are bound to have such amazing conversations which you want to record and share with the world. Sometimes they are just plain silly, and other times their words break down complexity of life in the most simple way as possible. 

The one I want to talk here, belongs to the first category. Yes, the silly one. 

So, it was the conversation between me and my 4 year old son, Renne. Remind you, he is the naughtiest one in the family. Being himself, he just declined to wear any shirt. It's a regular story, but most of the times, I do manage to cover him up in clothes. You know being civil is not easy at all... 


I tried to persuade him to put on a shirt. How does it go?............... Well, below is my desperation and his wit, written down as it happened- 


Me: Renne, Wear a shirt. Why are you not wearing any shirt? (making my Mom face)

Renne: Because, I don't want to. (as if it's as simple as that)

On a second note, how easy it is for kids. They just do what they like. I wish I could be like this... no implications to being shirtless here :P 

Me: I can see your tummy. Put on a shirt. 

Renne: But, my tummy is thinking. 

Me: What??

Me: Why your tummy is thinking? 

Renne: Because I put my brain inside my tummy. 

Me: Why did you put your brain inside your tummy?

Renne: Because, if I run and fall down; I will hurt my head. You said my brain will go away. So, I put my brain in my tummy. See.

Me: (stumped) :O 

Renne: See, that's why, because my tummy is strongest. 

Me: and, how did you manage to put your brain in your tummy?

Renne: Ooff.... (as if, he is explaining rocket science to me),  I take it out from my ear, and then I eat it, and now it is in my tummy. See, that's why I am not wearing shirt. (Logic - he didn't wanted to put any restrictions on his 'thinking tummy brain', by covering it with a shirt)

Me: (It's better to give up) 


Guess, I am raising a zombie. Is it too late??


Published by Jyoti Singh