Jane was in a deep state of distress. Nothing anyone said, or was saying meant anything to her. She felt as if she was in an alien territory. Or maybe she was the alien because she seems to be the only specie existing here from her planet right now. Confused, she couldn't seem to get a grasp of reality.

She needed to think, but her mind couldn't settle into that monkey business just yet. It couldn't be true. She had been dumped, truly she had dumped and snubbed. "How did this manage to happen? I thought they were civilized, no, they are surely narrow-minded", she thought.

A successful actress, she has had a successful career spanning over a decade, a luxury home, an endless list of endorsements, a fat bank account, several nominations and awards and a very loving fiancé, or so she thought. They had been childhood friends. Ivan, unlike her came from a family of entertainers. Both his parents and siblings were actors and widely famous. Her success and his has been connected in a way as they mostly starred in their most successful movies together. It had been rumored that they were in a relationship and they would both deny it publicly. Maybe the Press got it wrong because they spent lots of time together. Clearly, the public misunderstood the situation.

Jane had been sure she had met her soul mate, she had been acquainted with his family, and she was sure they liked her and may have approved of their relationship. Maybe she was misunderstood. Or was it that she misunderstood them? She couldn't understand it.

Caroline, Ivan's mother might have misunderstood her when she kissed her husband, Ivan's father on screen, but she was only following the script. She was to play the role of Beauty; she had to kiss the Beast. She had felt taking the role would have symbolized her closeness and affection for her to be father-in-law. She must have been misunderstood, because the next news she got was that Ivan's was getting married to a beauty queen, all thanks to Caroline. She wasn't even invited. Maybe she misunderstood Ivan because he wouldn't have consented to the marriage if he had truly loved her. Maybe she misunderstood Victoria. They had always checked in with each other. Why didn't she deem it fit to inform her that she would be getting married to Ivan? She paced around; all her effort to unravel these mysteries had been met frustration. She looked down, distraught and absent-minded, walked inside her room ready to languish in a world of Futility.


One of the hardest burdens to bear is the pain of being misunderstood by other people. All of us at one point or another experience looking into the eyes of another person and realizing that he or she simply doesn't see our point of view, and probably never will. Seeking validation is an elusive goal, the more you seek it, the less you feel it. It's like a trap.

Sometimes we feel misunderstood when others understand us better than we think we understand ourselves. It’s called the black spot. Remember how loyal and dedicated Peter thought he was portraying himself when he cut off the soldier's ear. But Jesus knew him more than he knew himself. He told him he would betray Him and he effortlessly did.

Jane, as well as every other person in the story had been misunderstood one way or another. Sometimes it is good to let go and let people have their view as attempts to control an outcome are a recipe for pain. Remember that you can't control others, but you can control yourself and when you love yourself, you don't need to prove anything to anyone because love flows around you. See misunderstanding as a gift even though you do not realize it, it is an opportunity to remember that people's opinion do not define you - it is an exercise of freedom and not becoming slaves to the schemes of men.

Also, remember that Jesus was misunderstood in this world and that there's no other person that understands you perfectly other than Him. He knows what it is to be human and to be tested. Practice wisdom dear friend. Not everything is worth fighting for at every moment. If you try to explain and people don't understand, learn to let go. Be careful not to fall into the pit of futility. Thank you for reading and have a blessed week! Ciao.

Published by Elizabeth Olayide