Book slumps are hard to get over with. It's that time of your reading life where no book seems worth it and that just makes me depressed. For the past few days I was the victim of such a book slump and it took two books to actually finish off the slump. Those two books were Illuminae and The Thousandth Floor. After I was done with them I was cured and was in a good reading mood again which led me to also finish Persepolis.

Let's get on with the book reviews, shall we.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff 

This book was a completely different experience. It's not your normal fiction book. It's a compilation of emails, documents, transcription of surveillance videos and IMs. This book doesn't waste time, from the start of the story we are in midst of a war. Regardless of how much in future this book is set in, the basic human nature, the things we do for survival are all the same. That doesn't change with time. The funny thing was that AIDAN showed character growth. AIDAN is the computer software programmer running the battleship. I know! It's weird right. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I think it's a trilogy. And the next part is releasing in UK soon so my book supplier will be getting it soon too! *excited dancing*

If you like researching documents and finding out how and what happened during a war. Like a look back on a past event. Then you will have fun reading these files.

The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee 

As a teenager I used to watch Gossip Girl religiously. And this book was Gossip Girl but a hundred years from now so they are technologically more advanced than us.

This book can so easily be made in to a TV Show. It was filled with first loves, betrayals, family drama, the rich and poor contrast, drugs, parties etc etc. I had so much fun going back in to this world. Basically the entire New York city is in one big tower which has thousand floors, hence the name of the book. Obviously people living on the higher floors are wealthier than people living on the lower floors. It is a sci-fi book but its in the near future, so all the technology that we read about in this book is very much possible. It's not beyond our imagination.

The cover of the hardcover edition of this book, is just beautiful. But unfortunately it isn't available in my country so I got the paperback version. The paperback is also shiny and has a girl on its cover but nothing can be compared to the hardcover one. This is a part of a trilogy so there are two more books I can look forward too. Also when I posted a picture of the book on my Instagram page, Katharine McGee liked it and replied to me on it *fangirl-ing moment* Eeeeep! It was really sweet of her.

For all the fans of Gossip Girl, definitely check out this book. It's a fun read and it broke my reading slump! So if you have been reading too many depressing and heart breaking books and need a break from it, go buy this one!!

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi       


This is a hilarious graphic novel. Usually I don't like novels which have a war going on in them or war as a backdrop of the story. But this one was too funny. I laughed out loud on so many parts of the book. It's a coming of the age story of the author herself. It is set in Iran during the time when Iran was in war with Iraq. It is divided in to two books, the first one is of her childhood in Iran and the second book is about her time in Vienna and then later about when she returns to her home country.

It was an interesting look at how you live in a country who is constantly at war and the things you go through, the people you lose and how you keep up with your own beliefs in a world which forces you to adapt their rigid ways.

I still have a bunch of books left to finish, the ones I had kept on the side during my book slump. But I have also decided to read books only if I find them interesting because if I keep reading books that I don't like but I continue them just so that I can finish them off bores me and throws me in a deep book slump.

Let me know if you have read any of the above books and what your thoughts are about them in the comments below.

Until next time!

Happy Reading :)

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