Do you want to try G suite before making any purchase? Well, take advantage of the free promotional trial codes and enjoy a 20% discount in the first year. Use them to register, but if you've already registered and it's been 2 weeks since you registered, you can still use them.

By following these steps, you can successfully create a free G Suite account and use your free promotional codes for a few days. And the fastest way to access the free version of G-Suite is to follow the link that corresponds to your specific country and zone.

How to get G Suite promo codes FREE

Looking for a free G Suite promo code? Well, you must start by creating your G-Suite account (You have a FREE trial of 14 days in the link too). The process is quite simple. It only takes a few minutes and that's it. Once you have done this, you will be provided with a discounted promotion code for your Basic and Business account. Using these codes can get you a fixed discount of up to 20%, depending on your country. You may also be asked to complete an online form and submit your domain name, current email ID, country name and G SUITE account type. You will then be contacted by email with an exceptional G Site promotion code.

STEP 1: Begin by registering for G Suite using the link provided specifically for your country:

G Suite promo code FREE in Desamark

STEP 2 - Go to the website and check the available coupons. From now on, G Suite only offers offers for certain states and, in some, it only offers basic coupons and not the so-called business plan coupons.

STEP 3: If you haven't found your preferred coupon by now, you can fill out the form available online and ask the support team for a new, personalized discount coupon.

STEP 4: Once you have registered with G-Suite, you will need to log in to the site with your domain name and click on the Administration Control Panel. Click on the 'configure billing' icon and enter your promotion code in the corresponding field.

You have all the steps in this video:

Benefits of G Suite

Familiar, Compatible and Easy to Use

One of the biggest benefits of using G Suite in your business is that most of your employees are probably already used to using products like Gmail and Google Docs. This makes the transition very easy and ensures you don't have to waste time explaining to new employees how to use the company's tools; unlike Zoho or Office 365 where you might need to give some explanations.

G Suite also has the best compatibility for mobile devices compared to any other email provider. It just works, everywhere!

And if you already have a personal Gmail account, Google makes it easy to switch between one-click accounts (Gmail personal account and G Suite account).

It's Always Recommended to Contract Email Hosting with Third Parties

It is never recommended to host your email with the same company that you use to host your website. 

If you use a host, it is linked to the IP addresses that your host has configured for outbound emails. If something goes wrong with that (e.g. a customer suddenly sends spam) there is a possibility that the IP address could be included in the spam blacklist. Then suddenly you are left out of control.


When it comes to availability, Google is one of the best in terms of reliability. If you want to dig deeper into the technical details, G Suite offers a Service Level Agreement of 99.9% for covered services, and in recent years has even exceeded that percentage. In addition, because email is such an important part of every business, G Suite has no scheduled downtime or maintenance windows. All of its data centers are built with a redundant infrastructure.

But like any other service, they can't always work without fail. So you can always add the G Suite status panel to bookmarks to receive status updates on all your products.

G Suite Reviews

G-Suite is extremely good and you can even try it for free. Before making any purchase, you can choose to try the free promotion codes and test their positivity. With these promotional codes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a 20% discount.

G-Suite is a powerful cloud-based web suite that helps businesses, as well as teams, communicate, interact and work from anywhere with any device. In addition, G-Suite is extremely easy to install, use and manage. This allows your organization to focus on other important topics.

Most companies and organizations worldwide rely on G-Suite for video conferencing, document editing, professional emails, online calendars and file storage. And this really gives them a superior advantage in today's highly competitive market.

Certifications for all skills and abilities

But making friends and meeting like-minded people is not the only benefit of the online world. Training and certification such as CertificationAnswers has a great niche to make people train in the areas of knowledge with great demand and without complications.

After completing the registration, guides are offered to prepare in areas such as Hubspot, Hootsuite, Google Ads or Semrush, to then interact, and finally, study and respond to an exam and receive the diploma.

From the very moment you start, you get the support and knowledge you need to get approved. One of the fields of knowledge with the greatest demand is digital marketing and e-commerce so fashionable in this era. By preparing and obtaining these certifications you can get the dream job or achieve that long-awaited promotion after a long time.

Therefore, there is no reason to put aside all the benefits of the Internet in personal, academic and professional life.


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