Before you start reading this I have to say that there might be some spoilers, well not some, there might be a lot of spoilers of the season 6 and season finale so you are warned. That said, let's start... 

I'm pretty sure that everyone who is reading this has already seen the season 6 finale and I must say that for me it was the best season finale ever. The episode before that "Battle of the Bastards" was really exciting, Rickon's death to be honest I saw it coming, the Starks that have died so far died because of their own stupidity and their ability to trust people that shouldn't be trusted. There is something exciting about watching episodes at the time they are showing in T.V., it is just not the same feeling as when you see it one day or two later, a friend of mine always watched them live, because he is rich and has good cable, and always told me that I should stay out of facebook and twitter because there were too many spoilers and that I did. 

I'm pretty excited that the season has come to an end but at the same time it's very sad for me, and all GoT fans, because we have to wait one year for season 7 to premiere and it's so exhausting. 

Just before "The Winds of Winter" aired I was super stressed because I knew that this was the last one and my mom was looking at me like "You're so weird" and I sincerely didn't care, at all, because I was excited and sad and confused and I couldn't contain my emotions. So let's go over the exciting moments in the season finale of Game of Thrones and cry and suffer because it's over, for now. 


1. Everyone in King's Landing goes boom. 

This was already said because I saw a post about this on Facebook, the theory that Cersei knew where the Mad King left all the wildfire and I must say that it was so cool, I'm super sad that Margaery died because she was one of the best characters but I was so fed up with the High Sparrow and I just wanted him to die. Cersei is so cold-hearted but great at the same time because she always does what needs to be done and that's a great quality for a queen, am I happy that she is the queen and not Daenerys? Not necessarily, but for now it is a good solution, but I have a bad feeling that with Cersei as queen Dany is going to have more trouble taking King's Landing. 

2. Tommen Goes Bye-Bye.

This one I really didn't see coming because I felt that Tommen was super weak and stupid, but the fact that he had the, pardon my french, balls to do this shows just how strong he was, I would never have the courage to drop myself from a high window. I don't know if you have seen them but the memes that are going around about his fall are so funny and I'm going to hell because I find them funny. 

3. The Red Woman is gone.

I mean, really?, you can't even begin to understand how much I hated that one. Since she killed Renly she was been one of my most hated characters in GoT and the fact that she burned Shireen makes me hate her even more, I feel very sad about Ser Davos because he really loved Shireen and he wanted to kill Melisandre but Jon Snow didn't kill, why?, I don't know but I have a bad feeling that that's going to come back and bites us in the butt. 

4. The King of the North.

Finally! Someone smart as king at Winterfell surrounded by more smart people, this is just great. Lyanna Mormont is goals and she is a great ally to have around. Sansa has turned into a badass since Season 5 and I must say that I'm so pleased with that because she was always making stupid decisions but I think that one day, her wedding day with Ramsay maybe, she got tired of being pushed around and started doing things for herself, good for you Sansa! I really hope that Jon Snow learns of past mistakes of his family so that he concentrates on making good choices in general, you can do it Jon!

P.S.: There's only one wolf left, well two really but I really don't know where Nymeria is and we don't know if she is going to come back, which is Ghost and I love him very much, if he dies I'm gonna cry.  

5. Arya and her pie.

That was so exciting! Arya returning for revenge and killing Walder Frey was just so cool! I mean, the pie with his sons inside was hilarious. I'm wondering if Arya and The Hound are going to encounter again and if they do what would she do? I'm also wondering what would happen if she found Jon Snow or Sansa or even Bran, would she stay with them or go? She is really unpredictable and I love it. 

6. Littlefinger and the friendzone. 

I really saw this coming, when he came to Jon Snow's aid at the "Battle of the Bastards" I just knew that he would want something in exchange and because of his history of forbidden love and friendzone I was so sure that he was going to tell Sansa that he wanted her, but as we saw Sansa is having none of that and I'm impressed that she shut him doing so good. 

7. Jon Targaryen.

Okay, this was in so many conspiracies and I love the fact that it came true, this opens so many doors and opportunities *sigh* if only Jon knew that he was son of Aerys and Lyanna, he is not a bastard!

8. Allies. 

Daenerys is going to rule the world, I'm not talking just about King's Landing, I'm pretty sure that her slogan is: "Go Big or Go Home". She has three dragons, Olenna Tyrell, Ellaria Sand, the Unsullied, the Dothraki, too many boats, and Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is a great ally because he's smart, sometimes stupid, but smart. And almost all of these people want to take down the Lannisters.


Season 7 is gonna rock and I cry because we have to wait almost a whole year to see it. The books help, right now I'm reading the first one "A Game of Thrones" and I wanna finish it so I can continue reading and still have some GoT in my life. Re-watching all seasons is also not a bad idea but Netflix doesn't have them and now I have to find where to see them. 


What did you like the most about this Season Finale?



Published by Daniela Cantu