Farm For Your Life on Steam

   I found this to be a very interesting concept for a game and for a while I couldn't quite decide whether it was something I wanted to buy or not. Just recently I decided that it was relatively cheap for an indie game and something that, actually, could be a fun little time waster.

   After delving just over a measly 11 hours I've decided that perhaps it's something I should give a little talk about.

   This game is relatively easy whilst maintaining a sense of not being too easy and does give the player a bit of a challenge. There are some nice aspects in here that give it the foundations to be a great game and you can pick up on other game vibes within it - Fruit Ninja, Farmville/Hay Day, Bakery Story etc - and it gives it an enjoyable "chill out" vibe, the type of game you play to waste time, and that is what I enjoy about it. These are a few screenshots I added from a Google search of the game - I myself don't currently have screenshots of the game.

   However, for every good there has to be a bad.

   Whilst this game is easy with the presence of a good challenge, this game can quickly become boring and or frustrating. Gathering resources can take its time, which in result leads to trades taking longer, declining of "guests" at the restaurant, failing to grow certain crops, etc. That is what I don't like about this game. If it could present resources at a moderate and consistent pace instead of over-supplying at the start and fading to practically nothing a few days in then this would make the game more enjoyable.

   Overall it is a fun little game to waste time with, but in it's current stage I wouldn't say worth buying at full price. It certainly does have room to grow as a game, but if you're happy spending a couple dollars why not give it a go.

   Overall, I wouldn't say this is a bad game, in fact it is pretty good for an indie game and I think it's well worth a go. Glitches and all, this is quite an adorable little game.


Until next time!

xx Phoenix

Published by Phoenix Firesoul