There is no doubt that garage is one of the best places to stock your vehicle and most of the items that you do not use on a regular basis. Hence, it is recommended that you try garage shelving options for better results. However, it should not be something boring or too tacky for you. Just because it is your garage doesn’t imply that you will give it an overload of junk. Instead you should try to do something more creative and fun here. Check out these ideas for more-


One of the first steps to implement here is that your de-clutter in a proper way. You should ideally opt for garage shelving only after the area has been cleaned out properly. Otherwise, what happens is that junk and garbage can get accumulated here - something that you really don’t want. So, anything that has been rusted or unused for the past few years, do get rid of it or have a garage sale to finally do away with them.

Sort out

The next important tip for garage shelving is that you need to sort out your items properly. The ones that are just memorabilia and trophies or rather rarely used need to be stacked away on the top. Ones that you need more often should be on the more accessible sections of the shelves. Doing so makes organizing much better.

Now that you have these two matters sorted, here are some creative ideas that you can get stated with-

  • Floating shelves are ideally for homes but they are also a sensible option for the garage. For example, your bicycle can be hung on a screw along with tools and sports accessories. Similarly, floating garage shelving gives you more room on the floor.
  • So, the room that you get on the floor can be used for keeping storage racks. You can easily get these in the market. Here you can stack away almost anything. It could be a pull-out storage or even something in the cabinet style.
  • You can also go for something that is totally out of the box. For example, if you have leftover pallets or wooden pieces, then they can make for an ideal garage shelving option. Along with this there are also other materials like steel that can work for garage. Especially if you have a modern garage, then steel is a sleek and viable option.
  • You also get many kinds of readymade garage shelves. These are like the ones that you see in super markets made of aluminum or steel with pull out rack options. They can be open or closed too. You don’t tone to be restricted about creativity here; pick a style that helps you in consolidating items rather than spreading them around.
  • Then there are garage shelving ideas like the double-decker available too. It means that there are shelves layered on the top to give you inside the shelf storage and on top of it. Plus, they also have hooks, and other similar tools for getting that added edge.

It is best to keep in mind that when it comes garage shelving, there are a lot of options available. In such cases, you can either go for something over the top or even stick to affordable materials like plastic for stacking your goods. However, one of the important considerations here is that you can plan the storage in the right way. So instead of just thinking conventional, these storage ideas would explore very possible nook and corner to stock away more. The end results are shelves that consolidate all your requirements in a limited space. So, go ahead and try out one of these inventive storage solutions.

Published by Justin Jersey