I use it as a daily scrub every day and as a mask 2-3 days a week. This product contains salicylic acid which eases any acne and breakouts you may have. I've especially loved using this as a mask as it helps mattify the skins appearance and even skin tone. It contains pumice, a natural exfoliant, which removes dead skin cells and unclog pores. This product is for oily skin prone to impurities, open pores and shine. 
I've used this product a while now and it's really helped to clear up my skin. I loved to use it in the bath as the bath water steams my face, causing my pores to open, so the product can really do its job. I've found that after using this product my skin is even, smooth and makes the perfect base for makeup. I normally use an exfoliating glove to apply the product and work it in circular motions around my face, chest and neck, focusing on my T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) as they are the places where my breakouts are and also because these are the places where I get most oily. I noticed a difference the next day! 
The only downfall is that it makes my skin feel really tight afterwards. But that's nothing a good moisturiser can't fix. 
This product quickly made its way into my skincare routine and has, sadly, nearly run out. I'm defiantly going to repurchase this and I'm going to continue repurchasing it until I find something better (: Score: 9.5/10!

Cost: £3.99 (100ml) £5.99 (150ml)

Published by Aimee Louise Smith