Hello beatches, few days without Sharing some of my wisdom with you... Lol, just kiding!!

Well this few weeks were very busy, chaotic and sad for my country; so since few days ago I've been thinking about this subject and what could be my position about it, and maybe as me, you will be really surprised about this national issue. For to start and to give you an idea about what am talking about I must give you a small introductión.

As you know Colombia is a south american country, where the macho culture and religion are big shadows in the society between other problems that most of you could already know or imagine; with the passing years this shadows, apart from the war have become  a big wall for development in human rights, equiality and respect for the gay comunity and in many cases for the women and other monorities, for some, this subject can be meaningless but for most of us is a really sad period, that to be honest, I think will remain for many decades more.

I admid that me being part of the activism move for few years in Cali - Colombia with Glairis fundation, a lot of rights were gained;  many battles took place, and were won, but there is still many battles more to fight before we win the war.

last week our education ministery got involve in a huge scandal that the christians radicalism created after they found out that it was part of the next school year project to include in the educational system the lessons about respect of diversity to fight the bullying. Part of this lessons was to teach and discuss about genre, sexual orientation, sexual identity and many other subject that could create a better understanding of the LGTBI community; but the worst was not the fact of the scandal, the worst part was that this radicalists, creating misinformation, hate, and homophobia, organized a manifestation against this informative books, against the equality and respect... Are you surprise already or Sad? I really was, and this made me go into a deep religious analyze. 

As we know, religion since centuries and centuries back, has created all types of problems, hate, misogyny, racism, homophobia, discrimination, dead and much more, and still until this times is creating it under their perfection facade or using the bible and God to excuse their behavior.

So, if it has created so much sadness and hate against many but specially us in the gay community, Is still correct to believe In their God???  Is still correct to believe in a Book where things that should not be allowed are accepted, but the fact of being how we are is banned and disowned??? Are we being masochistics or hypocrites???


Well, I must be honest, sometimes is weird and I feel in the twilight zone, when I see member of the community posting on facebook thanks to God and going to church after being attacked always with pieces of this book and its verses... Is a very sensitive  subject beatches!!! And I admit many times I found myself in a internal battle because I was raised and brainwashes inside a catholic family... But when you grow you gain the capacity to analyze and create your own view... In my case I realize that the problem is not the religion or God, the problem is the people that go it in their hands and turned it into an inquisitor and evil troy horse... nice outside, but with dark intensions inside.

Don't jump beatches... I must be honest also, A lot of this church characters have a better and human sense, but not so many.  LOL

So, One time somebody and sometimes members of my familiy think or say that am atheist, but no really, I just decided to put the feet on the ground, stop believing in God's of the ring fairy tales and think racionally... Religion without the crazy bullshit is great, and many people need it to have hope, and when is use in the right way, it can't create beautiful movements; God? am not sure, but I keep my mind open, there are many beautiful things around me that have a scientific explaination; but there could be many other things we dont know, but God is many things and nothing at the same time, for me it can be energy, but for others is buda, shiva, thor and even the same devil... Hey!!! who am I to judge :)

So my recomendation is that you take the same time that I took (years) to understand myself and religion, and I found maybe a weird believe for some, but for me a more logical one. So... are you gonna take the time to analize the stories you heard for so long???


Published by BEATCHES by Juan.C.Lenis