For months now has Apple’s iOS had a better hand at Google’s keyboard(Gboard), but now it is available for Android too.

If you want a keyboard app that has many features built in; including gifs, emojis, plain old smileys😉, does glide typing and most important, Google search built-in, Gboard is the keyboard app for you.

Well, Google first came out with Gboard as an iPhone exclusive app(see the irony there), but to all our joy and happiness it has been released for Android too.

The main feature, being the “G” button, brings Google search at our finger tips. The G button can be disabled in settings.  There will be a pop-up toolbar to access themes, settings and one-handed operation. You have access to a few pre-loaded themes and you can even upload a picture to set as a theme.

The app also has GIF support. The GIF can be accessed through the emoji button. Once tapped, three options appear – emoji, GIF and the basic old school smileys😉. However the GIF button is disabled in apps that don’t support the feature.

The app also has support for multiple languages, and according to the Play Store page is over 120 languages. The user can chose up to three active languages with preference for one. Gboard also supports voice typing with the help of the same engine it uses for voice searches. Gboard also benefits from the artificial intelligence technology and can predict what you want to type and correct your typos.

With all this information, will you download it? 

Published by Ryan Jones