So that's me back from struan, the summer camp that I fell in love with again this year. 

I'm not sure what it is exactly that I enjoy so much about it, it's a question quite a lot of people have, on paper it's not the most interesting thing of all time but it's just incredible memories, making friends with people and just being loud. On the main blog I'll write about more things but this one is about the things I won't bother writing  about on that one. 

First of all is this weird situation I was in, I went with some school friends and dunno just had this feeling of being held back, like I was just obliged to be with them the whole time and couldn't do what I wanted to do half the time, it's usually fine but dunno I think I'm just too artifically outgoing, I doubt it'll be an issue in the real world but when they said that they wanted to leave early I was almost a little too happy (they didn't in the end and we had great fun)

Additionally I tried to conquer my fears by throwing myself off of high diving boards or cliffs and realise that life is so much better once you can conquer your fears. 

Just being yourself you get rewarded for, the kids who do the best at camp are the ones who are unapologetically unfiltered and that's a beautiful thing. 

I do want to go to cambridge, after talking about it a few times with people it's the perfect opportunity and somewhere that I believe I would thrive, I do need to work though and not rest on some self-conceived laurels because my extracurricular interest isn't where I want it to be and I do seriously need to learn the english courses

I'm happy as I am, truly am, I used to be way too self conscious about everything, from how I walked to how I danced, it's something I've managed to shed quite well over the last few years and it's remarkable how much more you enjoy things without fear. 

So that's all for today, gotta learn some chemistry so until next week.

Published by Kevin Li