Hi guys,

I hope you are having a good week so far... How about our USA Gymnastics Team winning gold?! I love watching gymnastics! 

My post tonight is about energy stones.

I believe in drawing positivity towards myself and my home. I wear at least one every day and if I am not actually wearing one, I carry it in my bag. 

The first stone above is Ametrine.... A mixture of Citrine and amethyst. This stone is special because it came straight from a cave where it was naturally overheated. It carries the energy of both stones and it helps you with stress and inner peace. They would also help you with depression and anxiety. They are great for meditation if you are into it. That is just an example of what stones can do for us. A connection with nature is an amazing thing and the older I get, the more I realize what I have been missing by not appreciating it.

The displays above are from a small shop in Nederland, Colorado that you should absolutely check out if you are ever there. It is called "Nature's Own."  

Any thoughts? How do you connect with nature?

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