For both genders, it's inevitable. Men pay a higher sum of money for a good car, and women? Almost everything. From adult and children's clothes, to toiletries and toys. But why? Merchandisers have an alibi. "Products targeted to women have to have that fancy, playful packaging." Is it always better? No. In children's toys, for example. The blue bike is usually sturdier than the pink bike, and games for the boys are more intellectually engaging than the dolls of a little girl! In adults, clothes for women are priced higher, just because they are fancier than men's clothing! Retailers even have a dirty trick where they separate women and men's products because they don't want the customer to notice the stark price difference!

This is so unjust. No one can elect their gender at birth; it's not the woman's fault she became a woman and now she has to pay a higher price just because she's a woman! (Same for the man) This pricing is known as the "Pink Tax," and while it may not always be true (men are charged higher for cars), substantially women are charged higher for almost anything while they are being paid less than men. A woman, Muriel Vega, 29, has even resolved to buy razor and shaving cream for men!


Published by Joanne Giselle Degamo