Take a moment to think about the peace and tranquility that comes from hearing the leaves rustle in a gentle soothing breeze, or the smile and gleeful laughter that bustles out of a child’s mouth as they pounce on a pile of autumn leaves.  This is our emotional connection to the serenity of trees.  Yet, the human body has a much more dependent relationship with our tall friends.  Earth’s forests (i.e. – a mass cluster of trees) does everything from absorbing greenhouse gases within our environment, to providing safe and thriving habitats to 70% of all plants and animals on land.  Forests also directly impact the rain fall amount in their surrounding area by playing a key role in the water cycle process. 

   The human reality is that carbon dioxide and chlorofluorocarbons, which make up greenhouse gases, are harmful to our health.  Another reality is that all species of the plant and animal kingdom, which humans are a part of, have an interconnected link in the ecological web that makes up life.  If our delicate ecological system becomes too out of balance, the negative results WILL reach us! 

  Humans are incredibly reliant on the predictability of our weather to produce food and maintain our everyday existence.  Forests play an important role in the rainfall amounts of our Earth. They are an essential natural resource to the overall health and well-being of our Earth.  We need our forests to help keep the balance of all life in check!

  Luckily, there are some simple things we can do to start making a positive impact on the life of our forests.  The most important thing we can do is use our money as a tool to support conservation forward companies and NOT support companies with low integrity when it comes to the well-being of Earth.  This may require a little bit of research, but it is a small thing to do in the face of the direct benefits it will bring your children and grandchildren.  Other everyday things we can do are to buy products made with recycled paper, grow our own gardens, and consider the value of the life of trees.  It is a small concession within our relationship with Earth to do these few things.  Consider the position of our Earth, who does so much and really demands so little of us while providing sustenance and security.




Published by JS Spirit Author