Art has beauty as expressed by humans. We have had so many art movements that have happened in the past and these have all been classified under certain names. We are going to look at Abstract Impressionism and Expressionism and if you want, you can buy abstract art to study.

There is a lot to be covered and we shall start with Abstract Impressionism.

Abstract Impressionism: The Stuff of 1940s New York

This kind of art originated from New York and it established the city as one of the art centers of the world, perhaps even greater than the formerly well renowned Paris. With Two World Wars already, The Great depression happening and the atomic devastation of Japan, there was an age of anxiety.

That is where artist and viewer were able to connect with these deeply expressive paintings that had all the sublime features of color and spontaneity that can only be described as contemplative. There was a lot to be shown by all kinds of artists like photographers, sculptors and even jazz.

Contemplating, expressing and yarning for freedom is what drove the artist of this time to paint like they did. You can find abstract impressionist paintings for sale if you know where to look.

Expressionism: Germans and Symbolisms

Van Gogh and Edvard Munch among many other artists of this period were influential in their fight against the overshadowing power that was Impressionism. They created art that was a response to the anxiety that had spread across many of the German cities.

This need to be able to connect back with feelings and the world was the reason why this kind of art took off like a rocket and became the foundation upon which many of the artist at that time built their reputation.

Expressionist art has the quality of being able to distort the image and form of what is being created and then using very strong colors that are able to show how one can be anxious and the desires that are within the artist and the people around him.

How Does Abstract Impressionism and Expressionism Compare?

These are two art forms that depend on feelings and anxiety to express themselves and that is why you need to find the line that divides them. That is how you will be able to get the comparison between the two.

In Abstract Impressionism, you do not have a clear form of what is being expressed because it is all abstract and deeply emotional while in the Expressionism movements, you will see a clarity in the art that is all about connecting rather than impressing upon the mind what is happening.

These two art forms have formed a big part of what we call the art movements and if you can find these paintings for sale, they make an excellent addition to a place.

Buy Abstract Art for Aesthetics

There are many ways that you can find and purchase art, there is the internet where they have almost everything listed.Paintingsare not easy to find but if you can find a reliable source, you will be lucky.

Published by Mamoona Ranna