Los Algodones, a town located on the US-Mexico border, is often referred to as the ‘dental capital of the world’. The reason is simple: despite a small population, the town is home to close to 1,000 dentists as well as more than 300 dental clinics. The sheer number of clinics can make it difficult to pick one in the city known also as Molar City. But, you might wonder why you should even consider the option of travelling there for dental work. Them main reason is that crowns in Algodones cost a fraction of what they do back home.

Molar City built its reputation as a dental tourism hub on offering quality dental care at low prices. In fact, the prices for some treatments are ridiculously low, hovering in the “too good to be true” and “there has to be a catch” territory. Thankfully for you, the standard of dental work in Los Algodones is par with the best dental clinics in the US. You can save over 80% on crowns by undergoing the procedure in Molar City, and without having to compromise on quality. It is definitely a win-win proposition for you.

Why Travel to Molar City for Crowns

You might naturally feel apprehensive about travelling across the border for dental work. After all, crowns are not the most expensive dental treatment in the US. Even after considering that cost savings are too significant to resist. But first, let us address the issue of travelling “overseas”. Technically, travelling to Molar City should not count as going abroad. You can actually cross the border on foot from Yuma, Arizona. If you walk all the way, you might be able to reach a clinic within a few minutes.

The fact of the matter is that Los Algodones is a highly accessible destination for dental tourists from the US and Canada. You can travel to Yuma, park your car this side of the border, and go across on foot. You have to pay $16 for overnight parking, which only adds to the convenience. Moreover, the weather in Los Algodones is warm and dry throughout the year, and the option becomes even more attractive, especially if you are a snowbird. Do note that crossing the border from Arizona is one of the options. You can also get across on foot from California and get your crowns in Algodones.

How Much Money Can You Save?

Now the business end of things. As mentioned, the price of crowns in Molar City is less than 20% of what you spend back home. In the US, the average price of a crown is between $900 and $1,500. In Canada, the price ranges from CAD $1,132 to CAD $1,187. Conversely, crowns in Algodones cost just USD $160 to $500 / CAD $201 to $629. As you can see, significant cost savings are on offer, even if you get a single crown. If you require multiple crowns, you will save even more money.

The best part is that the prices are low despite the quality of the crowns, not because of it. The standard of dental care in Molar City is similar to the standards you can expect from a top clinic in the US. Even the best clinics in Los Algodones, including Castle Dental, Supreme Dental Clinic, and Sani Dental Group, keep prices low.

So, if you want to get dental crowns without breaking the bank, travelling to Molar City is a great option. Feel free to learn more about the clinics mentioned above. Why not get your crowns in Algodones and save hundreds of dollars on every crown?


Published by Charlesa Gibson