Here we go with this, AGAIN, but for the last time.There's not a type of pain I hate more than heartache. Especially from someone you once loved. I'm starting to believe me being quiet, people assume they have nothing to worry about when they do. Me playing a fool has people assuming I can be easily f*cked over and there wont be hell to pay, Yea okay. You NEVER underestimate your opponent. Awhile back I said in a blog when someone close hurts me, my psycho serial killer switch flips on. Not thinking much of it, some people should have considered it a warning instead of humorous. I don't understand how sensitive, emotional people wouldn't be more mindful of the things they do? Maybe because they've never crossed ME.
     I appear to be an intelligent, not to mention beautiful, young lady who believe in staying to herself; you'll never know what i'm thinking, let alone what I know. When around people, I'm the one that most would keep an eye on or don't even notice due to my silence. Taught to pay close attention to the people I'm around and to people when they speak, it's safe to say I'm a good people reader. Closely paying attention the loudest people in the room, and I don't just mean noisy loud, I mean flossing flashy loud. Who are you showing off for? Being in the field that I'm in I've come to realize that flashy guy, usually doesn't have any money. Getting flashy is expensive.
     Now this noisy loud guy, I love watching him. Usually when people talk a lot, things they say tend to be overlooked or go unnoticed but let me tell you, this is one sneaky sonofab*tch. He throws shade but on the low, I think they call that sneak dissing? Hell Idk I went to performing arts school, lmao. Mr. Loud tends to somehow know EVERYTHING, but really knows nothing. Anytime something is mentioned, no matter what it is, he finds a way to relate or make it about him. Like a female, he's very thirsty for attention; it's pathetic. While watching numerous know-it-alls I've noticed that they LIE, LIE, LIE, like there's no tomorrow. Their stories aren't ever consistent and when they get caught in a lie they try to play it off by making a joke or some bullshit. They tell so many lies, they can't even keep up with them. Loud smart guy is usually the sorriest mothaf*cka you know. That sorry dude that'll steal from his mom or something, yea him.
     So I haven't blogged in a few days and I just decided to go back and finish this because I wanted to let you all know I'm still alive. LOL. I don't know where I was going with this blog but hey, watching out for the loud people. (:  I fixed up my other blog on wordpress,, please go check it out. Follow, join, like comment, all that good stuff. I appreciate, love and could use the support. Let's stop right there, so some stupid fuck tried to tell me his gmail and outlook were hacked from commenting on my blog. I almost went to jail today. I couldn't believe it. Especially when they said, "I'll comment on your blog and 5 minutes after I'm locked out of my email." I go to check to see the last emails they've used on my blog because they said this was the third time it'd happen and I damn near lost it. First off they've only commented with 2 emails and they commented over 30 times. FOH! Try again. OMG I just remembered I have the craziest story to tell from Friday. I guess it'll have to wait until next time. 

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