Inspiration, a word that we constantly hear and occasionally use, google describes it as : the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Basically, to be in contact with something and feel some type of way about it, because of it. Sounds like it is common, a usual thing you could encounter any time, it isn't though. Let me explain inspiration with a couple real life stories. 


    Story number one : how I got inspired two weeks ago. I know this whole concept of weight loss is gone a bit overboard. And I know it is the time for curvy women to be bold and proud, but hear my story first without any prejudice rushing into your brain. I have been big on sports for as long as I can remember, I was professionally swimming, playing tennis, I loved running and all those active active business. Only naturally, my love for physical activities provided me with a very fit, healthy body. I loved food, I was raised mainly on steamed vegetable dishes, fruits and all that healthy stuff, and I still love those. I did love me a good old Big Mac but even when I had a couple of them in a row, I wouldn't gain any weight, I was one of those people. During high school I decided that I would enjoy some change in my life, I also was considering moving to the States for college so I thought : “ Why not do an exchange year so I can both change things up and see if I would like USA enough to want to live there for at least 4 years during college.” I started the whole process and eventually it was the end of the school year and I was ready to go all excited. I knew the diet was different there but never once it crossed my mind that I could gain so much weight in one year. As you probably guessed, I gained way too much weight, and too be honest I didn't have a problem with the way I looked. I must say, I am one of the most confident people ever, so a 33 lbs weight gain did  to phase me, I still thought I looked good. It has now been 2 years into my new look, and two weeks ago I was introduced to Negin Mirsalehi, a fashion/beauty blogger via Youtube. I watched a couple of her recently launched vlogs and I saw this one shot of her on a hotel balcony in Paris right by the Eiffel Tower. The one single thing I could think of was “ I want to shoot myself right in a spot like that and I don't wanna think about the angle, the lighting or my double chin.” In that moment I realized I wasn't really happy with my not-so-new-anymore new look, I was just finding excuses to fool myself. In that moment, I was inspired to go on my diet that I had for the first 17 years of my life. 


    Story number two : where inspiration stands in my life. I was born in the 90’s. I missed a lot of the people, trends, movies that I am actually into in real time. I have always liked classical music unlike most of my peers. I live for jazz and blues. While my friends listened to Baby by Justin Bieber, I was jamming to Don't You Worry About A Thing by Stevie Wonder. All those things I was very passionate about agains all odds, was because I was inspired by them, in a crazy amount that I cannot explain. All those things that make me myself put me aside from the majority was the things that inspired me on a different level. In a way, I could say that who I am is what inspires me. And I haven't just realized that but one of the moments I re-realized that was today as I woke up, had my guacamole for breakfast and checked my phone. My brain froze and my heart skipped a beat as I say the big black title on the news app that went : Leonard Cohen dead at 82. I immediately stopped my day and opened my notebook to look at the pictures and doodles of him I had in there. Don't get me wrong, I am not like a super-fan,I don't even believe in the whole concept of fandom he was just someone that I’ve had in my life, that I was inspired by. I think I even cried a little, and I am someone that never cries. I said, that is how much I value my inspiration, that is how dedicated I am to it…


    I just typed and deleted “story number three” just because I know I already made my point and I personally don't like reading that long of writing on a blog. Otherwise, I know I could go on for a hundred more. If you did me a favor and managed to stand for all this so far, do yourself a favor and find out where inspiration stands for you. Luckily it matters, and if it does please get inspired. I know it is not something you can force yourself into, but just take breaks, stop being concerned about things that really do not matter like if a reality star fired her bodyguard. The world and its people have way too much to offer and you don't want to miss it if you, hopefully, love yourself enough. Have a nice day, and get inspired!


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